Monday, December 5, 2011

Dec 5, 2011 Christmas has arrived

Trainers and Trainee or Greenies
plus our GA friend Elder Allpin!!!

hola familia, how are y'all? I miss you! in less than a month I get to talk to you all on the phone. I hope I can get skype to work here. woohoo. well, i have a new companion. hermana jones fron ohio and arrived in paraguay on tuesday. I am training her. ahhhh. she is way great. so ready and excited to work and share the gospel. very outgoing. I can tell she misses her family and is a bit overwhelmed not understanding anything, but we are going to have such a good time this change. I am a bit freaked out about the responsibility that entails training a new missionary, but I know that it will be a humbling and a learning experience. it is a bit weird to go from a companion who finished her mission to one that is just beginning, but it is a good change. her first day, it rained, and of course there are rivers in the streets here. I felt so badly, but welcome to paraguay. thankfully is hasn't been that hot this week. every wednesday we visit an abuelita (granny) that lives in not the best living conditions. that was her first appointment. I thought well, if she can survive this, she will be good. haha. I thought back to my first month or so and how I felt. I don't even remember. a whole year ago practically. I just had a permenant confused look for about 2 months.
this week, one or our investigators found out she has throat cancer. we visited her on wednesday and taught about the plan of salvation with her and her marido (husband.) please keep them in your prayers. she really needs it. she has a ton of faith, but it is still really hard. we had such a weird lesson yesterday. we are teaching a joven (youth) that is so awesome. she really wants to know if the church is true. we had a great lesson with her and left her with the commitment to read in the book or mormon and pray to know if it is true. yesterday we went to visit her again. she said that night after reading in the book of mormon and praying, she had a dream......  I sat there thinking. how astute is satan. I thought. nooo. she is so great, and really wants to know the truth. she still says she will pray and come to church. it is very part of the culture here to believe a lot in mary. always interesting experiences. a woman yesterday told us that she had read a book about our church and that she knows we are false. immediately came to my mind the talk by elder callister in the last conference when he told of a story of a joven (youth) in canada whose friend told her that she had researched the church and knew it isn't true. the girl asked, have you read the book or mormon? the other said, no. and she said, then you haven't researched my church because I have read every page of the Book of Mormon, and I know it is true. that came to my mind, but I just said gracia chao. the spirit isn't there if we contend with anyone. I am so gratful for my testimony of the book of mormon. I have read it and prayed asking if it is true, and I know it is true. I would never deny it. I know it and I know it will help anyone through anything in their lives if they read it with real intent. I love you all so much. thanks for being my family!
hermana plummer

hi mom and dad. wow. I remember the east winds when I was really young. was there any damage to our house? how was the blessing? I thought you are doing better? yes? no? I pray for you both every day.
yes I got both of my christmas packages. thanks sooooo much! we are going to decorate today. I am so excited!!! I will for sure take pictures. I think I can fix my brown shoes here. if not, I will see if I need new shoes. I don't think so. Will you please pray and put all those names on the temple prayer roll?   anyways I love you both so much. thanks for being the best parents!
your daughter

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