Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just curious to know who is from Mesa and Houston, that look at Whitney's blog on a regular basis.  I have a tracker and can't think of anyone from there.  Maybe some of Whitney's BYU friends???
Louise Plummer

Monday, February 21, 2011

Jan 21, 2010

All of the Hermanas Feb 10, 2010

hola familia, I can't believe either that it has already been almost 4 months. I guess I am getting more used to life here in Paraguay. It is actually hard to remember my life before. I can´t remember a lot of things. My brain is filled with all new things, and I guess there isn´t any room for the old stuff.
To answer dad´s questions, the literacy rate varies. Some people can read and others can´t. I have really had to change around how I learned to teach in the mtc because they won´t understand a lot. It has to be really simple. They don´t really like to read. Some will read the book of mormon. We got caught in the rain yesterday while doing a contact and she just told us to come up on her porch out of the rain. so we decided to teach of course. This woman and her friend both said they will read in the book of mormon. we have a list of questions of the soul that are in preach my gospel. a lot of times we ask people if they have interest to find the answer to one of the questions and tell them they can find the answer in the book of mormon. they both wanted to know how their familes can be more united. a lot of people have this question, but they don´t really want to accept the answer because it involves change. they want a quick fix, but someone who is prepared to receive the gospel is ready to make changes. It was funny because when we started explaining a bit about the book of mormon she asked where she can get this bible because bibles are so expensive. she said she wants to read but they are so expensive. we were like, you can have this for free! anyways, I really hope they read and want to learn more when we visit again.
mom, I don´t really know if I need more winter socks. actually, my brown tights are a bad color and ripped in the mtc so I could use some more brown ones. ya I hear it gets cold. we have a space heater in the apt and there are extra blankets, so I think I will be fine. thanks for getting the mormon doctrine, he is going to be way excited. We don´t really do a whole lot of service around here. I asked hna lozano but she said that there isn´t really an opportunity. we want to find some service to do though. we did help the mom of one of the members out by cleaning her house and around her house. she was in an accident and is in recovery and can´t really do anything. it took longer than expected, but was fruitful still because before when we went over to this member´s house and she was there she would hide from us. didn´t want to be around us or listen to a message or anything. but now, she is open to listening and doesn't hide from us anymore. so they are really happy and excited. the ideas you gave are good though. I really want to see what we can do. we have been trying to spread the word that we are starting english classes every wednesday. I hope people will come! I hear it can be a great way to find people.
I think you can just send the skin care. the pads were great, but the skin care will be good. my skin is fine. actually quite manageable.
yes i would love the spanish fhe and some food, nutella would be heaven! the muffins and rice were good. whatever is fine. you know what I like. anything from home.
thanks for the ideas. RECIPES would be great. they really like sweets here. if there is going to be something sweet people will come. maybe we can do the soccer tournament or something and have them bring their friends.
now I have need for more ideas but this time for games we can play for fhe and such!
we are trying to do what we feel is right for this area. it is frustrating becasue we know that numbers are important, and our leaders just ask where are you numbers? but we focused on that and had all these new investigators but nothing. neither of us were happy. we both felt like there was something missing that we weren't doing and we weren´t having success either. so we decided to focus on the members to gain their trust and help them. there are so many families that need help and visits from members, but no one does anything. so we have to visit these families while trying to get the other members to get involved. and everyone lives so far apart, so then we have less numbers and I am just really overwhelmed. I don´t know how to do it all. but we have been praying so hard and feel like we should follow the spirit. ya our numbers are a bit low, but that is because we have to do all the ground work first. we finally felt the spirit and felt good about our work and then get a lecture at night that our numbers are low. it is really frustrating. I called hermana callan this morning in tears. I was praying for direction and felt I should call her. she was so glad I called and helped me a lot. she kind of fills in the role of mom a bit. afterwards she called back and said that while she was reading in the book of mormon she was thinking of me and felt like she should call and tell me to read the chapter she was reading jacob 5. I havent read it yet because I haven't had time, but her words of encouragement helped a lot. anyways, what a blessing that lil tiny moved and is in position for delivery. he and amy have been in my prayers and I know this is a special soul coming into our family. I love you so much amy and hang in there. can´t wait to hear of his arrival all safe and sound!! well, got to go. I love you all so much and miss you more than you can imagine. I know this church is true. I know the book of mormon is true with all my heart.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feb 14, 2010

hola familia, thanks mom for your words of encouragement. i can´t even tell you how much it helps keep me going. Yes it has been rough lately, but I am doing better. sometimes i am weaker than others and i break down, but most of the time I am doing ok. i guess i have just felt really alone in everything. it has been really hard to connect with my companion. she comes from a very different culture, and there are a lot of things that make it hard that i never expected. but what I am realizing is bothering me so much is that i feel like i need to be doing more. i feel like i should be working differently, but feel trapped because i dont know how. She is a great missioary, but she works a lot differently than what i would do. the rama has a lot of problems. last year they had about 80 attending sacrament meetings and now there is only 30 to 40 each week. seems like every week someone else didn´t come. the relief society pres hasn'tcome in a month. we are trying to get the help of the members bc that really is the only way to have success, but hardly any are active and don't really want to help. we are trying to figure out how to gain their confidence and get them excited about missionry work. ideas for activities with them would be of so much help. i have just felt like everything i do is of no use. we did get a reference from some elders of a teenager they taught once and she came to church and loved it. she really is prepared to receive the gospel. they had to pass her off to us bc when they taught the law of chastity she wanted to live it but was living with her boyfriend. he didn´t agree and they broke up so now she is living in our area with her dad. she is only 17 and has a cute baby, but she is so ready to turn around her life. she has incredible faith. we found another woman who i just don´t get. she knows the church is true. she was praying and fasting to know what path to follow in her life when we came to her house. we felt the spirit so strong in the lesson and i know the spirit led us to her. we set a baptismal date, but when we went to visit her again she was like, i am good in my church. i wasn´t born to be a mormon. ya she had talkd to her pastor. what she is looking for is right infront of her but she doesnt have the guts to grab hold. i almost cried.  we convinced her to let us come back and visit again but when we did she had her daughter lie to us that she wasnt home. they do that a lot thinking we don´t know. ha.anyways, it breaks my heart when they reject because I just know how much happiness the gospel can bring into their lives. i want it so bad for them . I want to much for them to really understand the atonement and how much it can help them, but they are just so closeminded. haha. when we talk to them in the street, they are just say tengo mi religion. soy catolico apostolico romano. they think this will make us leave them alone if they say they have their religion, but oh so wrong they are. the way they say it hilarious. when you come mom and dad you can hear if first hand. they all say that every one has their own beliefs and ways of worshipping, but I like to share ephesians 4:5 one god, one faith, one baptism. anyways, I am trying to stay afloat and be humble enough to learn what heavenly father is trying to teach me right now. I love you all so much and pray for you every day. mom it brings tears to my eyes to know that you have found something that is helping. what a blessing. i hope all is well. dad i hope you had fun with the hodgdons. can´t wait till that is me next year!!
hermana plummer
ps: in the package can you send the dry idea deoderant, more of the facewash you sent, more wrinkle release stuff, peanut butter!!!!, handsanitizer, and more toilet paper to go (almost out)
also happy late birthday mike!!!!!!!!
also dad do you think you can see if the book mormon doctrine is sold in the states in spanish? a member wants it so much but can´t get it here. let me know how much it is if you find it thanks

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10, 2010

Short and Sweet.  She needs your prayers!!!

hola, oh goodness it was hard not having a p day till today. no we didn´t have a change. everything is the same here in rama 2. there are 3 trios now with the new hermanas. h gonzales is in one and I think h sargent too. very different to have a trio out here in the field. crazy to think carli´s mission is so different from mine riding the german metro and going to the opera house on p day.  there isn´t really much to do on p day but get together with the elders and play soccer. but today we played tennis!! it was so great. there is a court right by our apt, but we havent´ been able to play until today. they have raquets and balls and you have to pay, but I dont´care. it is like a piece of home. so fun. and yes the courts is clay of course. the best 2 hours. I needed it.
no h lozano and I don´t really share emails and stuff. she knows a little bit of english but not much. her accent is cute when she talks in english. and yes I read my farewell book quite often actually. at least a few times a week. i have really needed it. my shoes are holding up just fine. usually my shoes don´t get too wet, just muddy. one of the black pairs I dont´really like turns out, but the other 2 are great. I only had one blister on the ball of my foot but didnt´get bad at all.
I am so excited for emily to get out in bolivia. probably going to be a lot like my mission. except she doesn´t have to learn guarani. I know a few words, but right now I am focusing on spanish.

love you
All the Hermanas