Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 24, 2010

hi, this week has been a lot better. I only had one break down. haha. i am still figuring things out, but we doubled our numbers this week, and felt a lot better about things. we had interviews with pres callan on thrs i think and that was good to talk about things. talking with hermana callan makes me feel like i am at home. so sorry my letter last week was so sad. sorry if i made you worry, but you are right. no one ever said missions are easy. in fact they say they are really hard. and it is true. but i know there is nothing more important than what I am doing, and i guess i just stress myself out a bit too much sometimes. just so you know, there are a lot of good things going on too. I realized that it probably seemed like I was just having an awful time, but that is not true. there is so much to love about paraguay, the people, the work.
i am going to try and answer your questions:
no I don´t have interviews with my district or zone leaders.
yes, elder fernelius made the connction that he knows plummers and that was cool he lives right by doug and kris (shout out to them: love and miss you tons!)
i don´t know the address of our apartment, but it is right by the palacio juicio. big building. maybe you could look for that on google earth.
davis and richards are just in my zone, so I have only seen them once
a package would be maravilloso!! I could use some more peanut butter!  i think i m good with skin care. some instant oatmeal i would love. hand sanitizer. more of that traveling toilet paper. that is all i can think of right now.
oh and i havnt been getting some of the attatchments. only some of them. like the picture of dad with raelyn and leilani. so cute.  and i didn´t get the message about hermana mekenna in arizona. can you send that again?
we dont eat at members houses very much. hermana lozano said that this is rare for the mission. we just eat what we can.
no i haven´t really emailed anyone else because i don´t really have time. i see that I got an email from nicole so I am excited to read it after this.
I hope I answerd everything. thanks for your prayers and encouragement. we are really trying to make some progress. i probably only have 2 more weeks with h lozano because if she stays for one more cambio then that would be weird bc she only has 2 left aftr this one. so we probably will be changed. we will see. 
so i decided to send it in 2 parts just in case you are by the computer and can read it. 
i got your dearelder and loved it. i got dad´s letters at the same time too. so I guess it doesn´t really matter how you send them. 
oh and thanks for the update with the australian open. please send more! 
i really do love the mission. it is quite the adventure. a very different way of life here in paraguay. but I can´t even hardly remember my life being different before.  i  love being apart of this work. I miss my family, but i am so happy to be here. love you so much
dad, i always seem to run out of time on the computer. so this might be quick. also, please tell nicole i was so happy to get her email and that she need not worry about not writing. i know she loves me. please tell her I will write her back either next week or send a letter. thanks for the letters. they came at the same time. haha. i read it over and over again. interesting to hear about the history of coronel oviedo. thanks for the updates on mom. i will fast with you both in mind on sunday. i know she will get through this. please don´t let her stress more about me. I am happy, and all is well. i want her to focus on her and you. i know it is probably a bit hard for her to get used to me not being a call away. but you can always know that I am safe and that i am doing the lord´s work. i don´t know really what I am doing to stay healthy, i just drink a lot of water. there is a grocery store very similar to what you would find in the states that we can go to. there are farmers market type places too of course, but we dont usually buy there. the heat is hot. a bit worse than georgia. but similar. you kind of just get used to sweating all the time. you are always sweating so you don´t worry about being sweaty after just showering or something. just part of life. lots of fans everywhere. I am sweating right now. a lot. haha.
how is your temple assignemnt going? i miss being able to go to the temple.
thanks for your thoughts. it is true i don´t want to give up on someone. so true. i want to help them but if they are not ready, there is a million other things that i should be doing. I am still trying to work at my teaching skills. i feel inadequate as a teacher. how to begin actually is the hardest part for me. i hope with time i will get better.  I love you so much. i keep forgetting to send pictures. i have a few to send. maybe next week. miss and love you so much!!! I know your prayers are helping.
your daughter

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  1. She is sounding happy and good. I'm so glad. I'm glad she has lots of clean water to drink. I wonder about things like that. I hope, Louise, you are doing better and getting the relief you need.