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Jan 31, 2010

Hna Lozano and Plummer - Coronel Oviedo Chapel

hola mamá, yes this week was better. i had fewer breakdowns. haha. We are trying to really just work hard and work more effectively so as to find more people to teach. I am really noticing how the gift of tongues works. whenever i let myself get frustrated with myself and my teaching or whatever, i can´t talk in spanish. my words are all jumbled and i don´t know what to say, but when I have the spirit with me, it is so much easier to talk in spanish. the gift of tongues really is such a gift for the people, so i can teach them.
mom I am so glad to hear that you feel like you have received an answer to our prayers. I pray for you daily, and at times it is hard not to worry about my family. i know though that it is better for our family that i am here.
sounds good to do what dana richards does. PRINT...

How are your soccer skills?      not good of course, but I like playing. the latino elders are pretty intense. our zone leader elder centurion from buenos aires was practically pro but broke his back so can´t play anymore.
Do you get together on Pdays with Elders and members to play soccer? sometimes.       we did last week and today but only my rama and the rama of the zone leaders.
What do you do on Pday besides grocery shop?      clean, write letters, play soccer
What time do you have to get up on pday?            same as all other days
Are you getting any exercise in the mornings?       ha no not really. I should, but walking all day in the heat takes it out of me.
Are you cooking together yet?                             not really ha
Are you using any of your do terra oils?               I used them a lot in the mtc but haven´t much here. i should start again
When does h Lozano go home?                          she has 2 more cambios after this one which ends in a week
no we didn´t go the youth conference but i heard about it.

h gonzales and lavaka are probably not in the same area but i guess they are in the same zone. I get to see them on wed in asuncion. we have to go for some kind of training for leaders so i have to go with h lozano.
so funny moment of the week. other than every time some one talks to me. i seriously have a look of confusion 24/7. so we were at the house of the rama mission leader person. (he is such a blessing). and the elders had these peppers from another member. i didn´t know how hot they would be so i decided to try it. I tried a little bit and was nothing. couldn´t taste practically any spice. so i decided to take a bigger bite. big mistake. my mouth was on fire for like half an hour. hottest thing I have ever put in my mouth. it was quite the laugh. well i am out of time. i love you all so much. I ask for your prayers upon the future members of the church here in paraguay that will soon hear the message of the restored gospel. can´t wait to find them.
hermana plummer

hola papá, as always I love reading my letters. i just sent some pictures you can see a bit of paraguay. one is the sunset. the sunsets are beautiful here. yes you are right, i am beginning to get into a routine. still trying to figure out the roads. most don´t have names and half the people who live on them don´t know the name either. and we don´t really have a map, so you kind of just have to learn it. i am not good with directions, so this has been quite a challenge for me. thanks for the updates with tennis. there is a court close by and me and elder faber want to go play on a p day. it is clay of course. p days are so nice. not very relaxing, always doing something, but so nice to let loose a bit.
dad i really need your prayers with my teaching. i feel so inadequte. i find myself getting down because I am not very good at it. i always hear how it is so important that missionaries are good teachers, and I feel so mediocre. i need your prayers that I can have the spirit to improve in this.
we have been working really hard to teach more lessons and have new invstigators. we are doing way better! but still have so much to improv on. the elders had a baptism on saturday . un señor Hermes. i gave a talk on the holy ghost. oh did i tell you that I gave a talk in sacrament meeting a few weeks ago? It was so special to see my first baptism in the mission. gave me a boost of faith. i know the people i am here to teach are here somewhere. i am just working to find them somehow. so many people just really don´t understand the significance of th restored gospel. they are just, oh that is such a great story. muy lindo they say. i know there are people here that are going to appreciate truth. i have to keep reminding myself that. it is true, the people are so great, but they cling on to their traditions like none other. thanks for the dear elder. those are so great. i get to read them throughout the week. so it is like a little piece of home whenever i need it. i love hearing about the goings on at home. things here are good. not easy. i guess I had a bumpy start, but its all good. i know why i am here and I have faith that precious souls are waiting to hear the message of the restored gospel. love you so much.
your daughter

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