Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10, 2010

Short and Sweet.  She needs your prayers!!!

hola, oh goodness it was hard not having a p day till today. no we didn´t have a change. everything is the same here in rama 2. there are 3 trios now with the new hermanas. h gonzales is in one and I think h sargent too. very different to have a trio out here in the field. crazy to think carli´s mission is so different from mine riding the german metro and going to the opera house on p day.  there isn´t really much to do on p day but get together with the elders and play soccer. but today we played tennis!! it was so great. there is a court right by our apt, but we havent´ been able to play until today. they have raquets and balls and you have to pay, but I dont´care. it is like a piece of home. so fun. and yes the courts is clay of course. the best 2 hours. I needed it.
no h lozano and I don´t really share emails and stuff. she knows a little bit of english but not much. her accent is cute when she talks in english. and yes I read my farewell book quite often actually. at least a few times a week. i have really needed it. my shoes are holding up just fine. usually my shoes don´t get too wet, just muddy. one of the black pairs I dont´really like turns out, but the other 2 are great. I only had one blister on the ball of my foot but didnt´get bad at all.
I am so excited for emily to get out in bolivia. probably going to be a lot like my mission. except she doesn´t have to learn guarani. I know a few words, but right now I am focusing on spanish.

love you
All the Hermanas 

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