Monday, May 7, 2012

May 7, 2012 Sprinting to the End!!

hola familia!
bueno, mom, 
What other hermanas are in your zone?
hnas in my zone. us and hna lewis and hna anrade de mexico. 
Mother's Day phone call?
as for the phone call on sunday. we were actually planning to do it not in yennys house but in her moms house where we live. hna little will talk at 3pm and I will talk at 4 pm.   we will eat lunch with them that day, so it will be perfect. 
Using Yenny's hairdryer?
I will ask yenny about her extra hairdryer.  you need a transformer if you want to use your straightener. well, mine blew out. and I think I got confused in leopardi because there were so many left over transformers. well I don't really know how it happened. I thought I had everything, but I don't have mine. sorry dad.  I don't know what happened to it. also mom, yenny said that she wants to talk to you today to explain a few things about the best way to go to ciudad del este and brazil.
What kind of clothes should we bring?
as for the weather, you need to check the weather report, because it is always changing. last week was way cold. and this week is hot again. that is the way it is. so I don't know what you will need. I don't need anything. what I have is good. the prayer rock is way cute. I think the best way to say it would be roca de oracion (accent on the o in oracion). they are super cute. not sure if I want a quilt with my mission clothes. I plan to leave what I can and take back what is useless. they are pretty funny. what is in my heladera? yogurt, milk, bread, bananas, pears, mermelada de guayaba, mayonesa, mustard, ham, cheese, pinapple, cucumber. thats about it.
please tell the ward MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS for donating so much to bring. that is so generous.
this week yes, we had zone conference. it was so great! the focus was on our purpose as missionaries. invite others to come unto christ through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentence, baptism, the gift of the holy ghost, and endure to the end. we need to have that purpose as the focus of everything we do. if we do that, and even more important, apply it to our personal lives, we will be successful missionaries. well, there is more to it, but that is the essence of it. We have to convert ourselves before we can really help others be converted to the gospel. We focused a lot too on the sacrament. as misisonaries, we tend to be thinking about our investigators and so many things in sacrament meeting, but pres callan told us that we need to prepare better, and focus on ourselves during the sacrament. we need firm testimonies of the joy that the spririt gives us when we can know that as we enter in the meeting with our sins, we can leave completely clean again. pres callan shared an experience he had when he was able to be in a sacrament meeting with the 12 apostles in which they passed the sacrament and had tears in their eyes as they participated in this special ordinance. I think we often overlook just how important the sacrament is. what an incredible blessing God has given us to be able to start fresh every week and have the promise to have the spirit with us always. then at the end of the conference, each missionary has their turn to share their testimony. about 1 minute each person. I loved feeling the sincerity of each and every missionary as he or she shared their simple testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
on another note, I got a letter from Ceci today! she came back from angentina. hna jones wrote a quick note and said she would make sure ceci is home when we go to ñemby. I am so happy!! i thought i would never be able to see her again. i am so excited to see her and her grandkids. this week we were so blessed. we are teaching a woman who came to church with her cute 7 year old twins. they loved church, and it was so spiritual. we had a missionary come home, so he and his family all shared their testimonies, also the bishop blessed his new baby boy, and it was just great. teresa, our investigator, had tears. as well as everyone else. sunday's church meetings were probably the best I have had here in paraguay. yenny shared here testimony in relief society, and I had tears in my eyes. she has such a powerful testimony, and is such an amazing woman!
we also finally contacted a reference we had received a while back who has a family member who is a member and who invited him to the general conferece. this man has such interesting questions. many concerning the plan of salvation. where do our spirits go when we die? what happens after the resurrection? unfortunately he is only at home sundays, but we were excited to finally teach him. now we can prepare to teach him again. well, I have to go. I am super excited to give it one last push this week and finish sprinting. I get depressed when I think about leaving paraguay, so I try not to think about it. it is part of who I am now. I feel comfortable here. I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for this short time that I have here. I love you all so much.
hermana plummer

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