Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012 Two more weeks!!

hola mom, dad, y familia
well mom, I will try to respond everything rapido.
bueno don't know why you didn't get my pictures, I sent them a few weeks ago. pictures from M's baptism. I still have all my pictures, but I put them on a cd, so they aren't on my flash drive. I accidentally erased them, so the cyber put them on a cd for me. oops. yes I worked with miriam. our first lesson was so spritual, she cried whem I shared the first vision, and i am so happy that they are going to get married and baptized. I told hna jones that everyone gets baptized when I leave. that is how it was in leopardi. everyone we found right before I left got baptized. that would be good to put on facebook my homecoming. not sure who will want to go, but it would be good. the music ,I will think about. the song I would want isn't in the enlish hymn book, so I will think of what other I want. maybe you can look up oid el toque de clarín. that is what it is called. homemade cafe rio food is perfect for homecoming luncheon.   whatever is less stress. I will make sure I get a picture with elder johnson. as for the mothers day call, I think we are just going to have to do it by regular phone this time. at 3 pm paraguay time on mother´s day in the US. I will send you the phone number next week. as for clothes. you don't need to buy anything new, you can just bring something from my closet. I don't really remember what I have, so it will be like new for me. thanks for everything mom. by the way. did you ever get my letter?
hola familia, bueno, this week I learned a lot. our investigators aren't progressing how we thought, but they are going. we had a few set backs with R and her son and daughter.  did i tell you about them? they are really hard to find.  R works and works. but I love them so much. she is so great. her son A is such a good kid. it didn't rain as much this week. but our shoes got really wet. I had to dry my shoes using our space heater because I couldn't use my other shoes because they have a big hole. but it worked. this week I studied a lot about diligence. diligence it important in missionary work. that is our vision and goal, to become as much like Christ as we can and do it for the rest of our lives. when we focus on that, we realize a lot more of our weaknesses, but at the same time, we can't get discouraged because Heavenly Father is there to help us. He asks us to be perfect like His son, but he knows it will take a while. this week I am going to study patience. we found out who stole our phone. the other night we got a call on our new phone from a guy asking for cynthia. he said that cynthia had called him from this number a few days before. cynthia is the chica in who´s house we knew we had to have lost our phone. we asked her 3 times if she had seen it and she lied to us  .now we know for sure. but we tried to not be mad and handle it how Christ would. it helps that we have nametags because I am not whitney, I am hermana plummer, representative of Jesus Christ, so it helps us be more like Him. well I have to go. time is up. I love you all so much. soooo much!!!! 
hermana plummer

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