Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011

YEA Whitney's large package arrived in 3 weeks and she didn't have to wait until the next transfer!!!  Peanut Butter and Nutella over dose and Easter candy before Easter!!!!!  She had a request for Charmin on the go.... now she doesn't need it in Leopardi.  Also included was a bottle of wrinkle resistant spray. I was worried customs would open the package because of the large liquid container.  I prayed this package would arrive un-opend and in good shape.  Prayers answered.

hola familia, this week was great. it happened to be one of those weeks where you get rejected alot. as a missionary, people lie a lot. and sometimes there are days or weeks where it seems like everyone rejects us, but so many good things happened this week, it didn´t even matter. first of all, Ruben is still going strong. he is such a miracle and such a blessing. he has such a desire to learn and understand and really find Christ in his life. he keeps saying how blessed he is that his hermanitas came to his house and shared this message with him. he has had a difficult life and steared away from God for a while, but really is looking for happiness and truth in his life. he came to 2 sessions of general conference and loved is. so many times hermana knapp and I looked at each other and were like, ahh this is so perfect for him. Such a testimony that Heaveny Father uses his servants to speak to us. conference was amazing. I cant even describe it. well, the week started off good. normal week. we had to do our weekly planning on thursday since friday we had interviews. so friday we went to the mission office for our interviews. my interview was great. President Callan always knows what to say and always has the right counsel. We talked about what a successful missionary really is, a missionary through which the spirit can work. I decided to ask if I had a package and sure enough, my package had arrived the day before. how perfect!! mom and dad you are the best. I am in heaven with all my goodies. thanks you thank you thank you!!!! hermana knapp also says thank you since she gets benefits too. so friday was way good, plus the weekend was conference. we got to attend all the sessions of conf. Pres Callan decided that is was necessary that all the missionaries be able to see all sessions but to do everything possible to bring investigators. we invited so many people. all our investigators we could think of. and called them and stopped by their houses, but no one but Ruben came. We were really hoping that someone would come since a few really said they would, but when it came down to it, Ruben was the only one who came. but I am just so grateful for him. quality is better than quantity right?
I learned so much from conference and have to admit it made me a bit homesick. when it was over I had mixed emotions. I had a stronger desire to go and preach the gospel, but also it was like saying goodbye to home again.
I noticed a theme of service. We have been summoned to serve others more. I realize that when I get back, I need to live my life a lot differently, to look outside of myself more. the life of a college student can be a bit self centered. also, a theme of the importance of the family. really the grand scheme of things is all about the family. everything we do in the church is to help the family and to achieve an eternal family. I dont have my notes with me, and there is so much! I cant wait to read the talks in english in the liahona. we had to travel about 30 minutes by collectivo to a chapel. it is so huge. bigger than some in the states. they had a big screen with the video and then a voice over in spanish of the talks. I learned so much and felt the spirit so strongly. I thought of dad at the end when they sang more holiness give me since he always said that is his favorite hymn. (oh dad, before I forget, I i believe we live in fernando de la mora). well I have to go. I love you all so much! happy birthday Chris and Nicole. love you both so much! I love this work.
hermana plummer

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