Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011

I guess I asked too many questions, since she was transferred.  Just an overly anxious mother.

hola familia. mom, I know you are curious, I just dont know if I will have time to answer them all. yes I am famous in paraguay now. actually a lot of the members and even people we talked to on the street recognized me. how embarrassing. yes it was hard to leave coronel oviedo, but I can already tell I am going to love it here. it is interesting that hermana sargeant said that leopardi isn't very upscale because compared to coronel oviedo it is way rich. it has been a while since I have been in a house you would find in the states. I got in the habit of always keeping my backpack on my lap because the ground was always dirt, but I realized that I dont need to anymore because we are inside. before I continue, mom, thanks so much for the packages and such. you need not worry when they arrive and all that. I am just grateful that I am going to get one. you are the best and I am so blessed. sounds like you can take a break from the package sending for a while. 
a little run down of my living conditions.  I live normally. dont worry. we have someone to wash our clothes, we have air, we have water, a microwave, food. dont ever need to worry about that. you can worry about dengue. jk. it comes from mosquitoes and they are pushing repellent because a few missionaries have gotten it, including the hermana that was hermana knapps companion before. she got it right before she finished her mission, but is all better now and I am supposedly in her house.
this week was full of miracles. first of all, yes, the ward is incredible. they are so willing to help. it has a lot of families that have been members for a long time. I was really nervous for me and hermana knapp at first, but I feel really good about our companionship. she is so great and her spanish is awesome. I think my spanish is coming along. I understand more, which helps. 
yesterday was possibly the happiest day of my mission so far. we had an investigator come to church. Ruben Dario. he is golden. we found him just by knocking on his door. after we taught him he said, I am going to go to your church tomorrow. we were like, ok. ha. he came and participated in the classes and we had the perfect lesson about prophets since next week is general conference. at the end of the lesson he said how he is searching for the truth and searching to know the will of God for him. It was so sincere and I seriously almost cried I was so happy. I cant even describe the joy I felt. not only that, but this week we found so many people to teach. miracle from heavenly father to find him and the other people too. I am so blessed to get to be part of this work. 
last night too we were walking back because our appointments fell through so we decided to knock a few doors. we talked to a lady for a sec but she said she didnt have time, so we left her a pamphlet of the restoration. we were about to walk away but for some reason I couldn't. something inside me was like, no, you have to give her the pamphlet of the plan of salvation. I was like, no, she is already back in her house and I dont want to call her again. I tried to leave again and felt it even stronger that I need to give her the other pamphlet. so I told hermana knapp and she said too that we should just do it. I felt so awkward, haha, but i clapped again (we clap here not knock actually). she came back and I told her that I really felt she needed the part of our message and I explained more. still she said she didnt have time but I invited her to read the pamphlet anyways. i dont know why or if she will even read it, but I felt good that I had followed the spirit. only heavenly father knows. well, got to go. love you all so much. I love this work and know Jesus Christ is our savior. 
hermana plummer

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