Monday, November 14, 2011

Nov 14, 2011

6 months from this Thurs, Nov 17, Dave and I will be hugging our darling Whitney on the front steps of the Paraguay Asuncion Mission Office.  Downhill ... WHEEEEEE....

hola familia.  sorry mom and dad, that you are sick. that makes three of us. on Saturday, we finished an awesome lesson. ahh the woman we taught is so humble and said the prayer to finish. she kept saying how good she felt. so elevated, and happy. she didn't know how to describe it. we left feeling so good and with big smiles on our faces. when we are teaching and stuff, I forget if I am hungry or have to go to the bathroom or anything, but afterwards, I started to feel kind of sick. it didn't get that bad until we were at our last appointment and I really started to feel kind of nauseous. when we got to the house we planned fast, and I went to bed. I kept waking up in the night feeling sick and then finally, yuck I threw up and stuff. I am positive that it was what I ate for lunch. never eating at wimpi again. thankfully I didn't throw up much, but the next day was stake conference and C was planning to go. I woke up and felt way awful, but we went anyways to pick up cesi and then to the church. I had the aches and a fever the whole conference, but it was so awesome. pres and sis callan always come, and they bore their testimonies. I wish you could hear him speak. it is so powerful. I wasn't sure if it was because I was sick or what, but I got the chills and felt tears well up as I listened to him speak. the best part was that cesi was listening to it all. she loved it. also, a seventy always comes. elder allioud of the seventy who is an Uruguayo spoke. it was so awesome. I think it helped C a lot because this week she kind of was a bit startled by a few things a woman said about the church. how everything we say is a lie and that Joseph Smith it our god and a whole bunch of stuff. it isnt like she believed all of it because she still came to church and is reading the book of Mormon, but she was a bit taken aback and had a few more doubts. but she loved the conference, and if anyone had any questions about what we believe, after sitting through that conference, there is no way anyone could say the false things they say. after the conference, we went to the house, and I slept and slept. I planned on leaving after the siesta, but I could hardly get up to eat. well, I didn't really have any appetite, but I knew I needed to eat something. I ate a carrot and a piece of bread. I love buying carrots. it was so ridiculous. I am never sick. ugh. we had to stay  in the whole day. there is no way I could have gone out in the rain. I used my handy thermometer that I brought. I had a temp of 101.4. but I am all good this morning! it is all over thank goodness. 
this week is zone conference. I am really excited. I cant believe that 3 months have already gone by since pres Arnold came and spoke. it seems like just yesterday. probably because we are still trying to put into action everything he told us to change. like for example. he promised us that if we have kneeling prayers at the end of every lesson inviting the head of the household to say it, we would see miracles happen. it reminded me mom of how you said that elder holmgren heard the story of a mission who saw miracles by changing the way they prayed. so, after every lesson, we ask them if we could go inside the house to pray, (since we almost always teach outside since it is so hot inside their houses). it brings the spirit a lot more, and then we leave right after to leave the spirit there with them. well, I have to go. I love you all tons and tons and pray for you all every night. until next week.
hermana plummer
hi mom and dad. thanks for your emails. they helped out a lot. I am doing better this week. although in a few ways hna T is struggling with keeping up the energy these last few weeks, she says that I remind her of herself a while back in her mission. that she stressed herself out so much, that she wasn't enjoying it in its fullest. I know she came here for a reason. I am helping her stay focused and she is helping me be more relaxed. can you or dad send that talk by pres uchtdorf about the forget me nots? it would be good to have on hand. sorry I forgot to answer your questions last week. 
1.yes I still have the oils you sent with me. I use them every once in a while, but I will start using them more regularly.
2.I am in zone 3 district 1
3.we live on (it is right off acceso sur if you look at a map). fun fact, we are living next to and renting from la familia lanzoni. they are very rich and are inactive members. hno L is a big name around here for politics. he is running for something important and his name is everywhere.
4.yes I got my thanksgiving package. I totally forgot to tell you last week. it is so great!! thanks so much. I ate the Halloween candy but everything else is waiting until thanksgiving to eat. I think I will get the Christmas package next week since I got the notice that I have a package that I have to pay for. 
Your daughter

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