Monday, November 21, 2011

Nov 21, 2011 Happy, Hot days in Paraguay

hola familia, happy thanksgiving!!! thanks mom for my thanksgiving meal, I am excited to finally eat it - mashed potatoes, gravy, turkey jerkey, pumpkin seeds for my pumpkin pie, craisins for cranberries and more!!!! I am so thankful for my family! If there was one thing I could say that I learned on my mission, it would be how incredibly thankful I am to have the family that I have. I love you all so much. they don't have thanksgiving here of course, but I like to celebrate it in my heart anyways. there are so many things to be thankful for in our lives. the list never ends. I love the thing that I am most thankful for I get to talk about all day everyday. and that is the gift from our Heavenly Father of His Son Jesus Christ. I don't even begin to comprehend the magnitude of His gift to us, but I pray that I can feel it a bit more every day. 
this week was pretty good. we had zone conference. it was so awesome!! as we all know, members members members are the way to do missionary work. we watched a video of a group of teenage boys from florida. it started out that a young man was baptized in the church. he didnt want to be the only one, so he decided to share the gospel with a friend. this friend was baptized. then the friend did the same thing. and the next did the same thing. and it was a chain effect. this ward has 24 or so active young men, now thanks to one joven (young) man being brave enough to open his mouth. you should look it up . It is so cool. I know that things would change drastically if the members would just pray sincerely to know who is ready and then follow the spirit and open their mouths. persio is so eager to have someone in his family be baptized. we taught his sister the other day. she has never had much interest in God or going to church, but she sees a big change in him and wants to learn more and to come to church. the only thing is that she has problems with high blood pressure, and couldn't come yesterday and the heat is rough. by the way, persio blessed the sacrament yesterday for the first time. he was way nervous, but was way excited. he is so eager to learn and participate. we thought about inviting him to baptize C, but we are kind of scared because she is quite big, and it is his first time. we don't know how that would work out. I think someone smaller would be good for his first time. haha. C is excited for her baptism this saturday. she has had some doubts, but has gained a testimony through prayer. she had a really special experience the other night while praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith was a prophet. I knew that with patience and prayer, she would get her answer. I can't even describe how happy I felt. well, I am out of time. I love you all so much. I hope to hear from you all before the year ends. PLEASE!!! I would really love that. thanks for being my family.
hermana plummer
ps. I will send pictures next week. sorry 
hi mom and dad. I dont have much time, but thanks for your letters. I LOVE them. thanks for telling me about Doug and Kris's farewell. i am sad they are leaving while I am gone and I can't say goodbye, but I would love their address in the mission or mtc to write to them. that will be fun. dad, I can't even tell you how grateful I am for your example in paying tithing. I always paid, and was never hard. I know trials will come in the future, but it is always easier to keep a commandment before the trials come.
 I am going to try something that an elder does, and that is write letters by hand, take pictures of them, and then send them by email. so I will try that and write the letter to the ward today. hope it works. it will be more fun if it is in my handwriting. oh by the way, so you had lunch with hna Little's mom and grandma. how fun!!! I know how much she loves her family.  I'm glad you got to meet her mom and grandma.  Her grandma is probably just like Grandma Giles would be. Wanting to share in this mission experience too. I loved having hna Little as my companion, but it was too short. She was kind of my guardian angel as you put it.  Haha.. to answer your questions, hna T isnt sick, she is just tired. please keep her in your prayers so she can have a super last week of her mission. zone conf was AWESOME. I received so many answers to my prayers and felt like I got what I needed from the Lord. I still don't know who elder cleverly is. sorry. yes I have given away a few skirts, but I received a few too. my main brown one I can't use anymore though because I sat in wet paint and it is stained good with green paint. I thought the seat was dry, I touched it and everything. so I dont have a brown skirt any more, but I am making due with my gray, black and purple ones .the bows are soooo cute. they love them. I am so grateful for your concern for the people of paraguay. well, I love you both so much. I am going to write fast to the family. 
your daughter

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