Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nov 7, 2011 Another Baptism and pictures of the new pension. Where is a picture of the watch dog and guard?

New Pension - pictures from last week.

Study Area

Bathroom - looks very nice.  I barely see Whitney's
pink towel hanging in the front of the picture.

Bedroom.. Whitney's pink bedspread and I
see that familiar camera case. Hna Troesch must
be changing her sheets.

hi. sorry , I dont have time to write a second email today. today is a bit rushed. we couldn't leave the house until way late because people came to install air conditioning. it will be way great, but it took a while. I feel like I am kind of in a fluster. this week was a bit hard. isidora was baptized and confirmed. she even bore her testimony at her baptism and then in relief society too. and it was perfect because the topic in relief society and principios del evangelio (Gospel Essentials class) was keeping the sabbath day holy. the hermanas bore their strong testimonies of the blessings of keeping the sabbath day holy. It was so perfect. it is so important to go to church. heavenly father has prepared every week a feast for us. the sister who gave the lesson shared an experience of a time when there was a storm on sunday morning and a lot of people decided not to go. when she and her family were one of the few that went to church the bishop said something like, what if you hadn't come and this was the day that Christ came and you weren't here? I know it isn't tomorrow, but it makes you think.   my testimony and understanding of the sabbath has increased so much. what a blessing. 

cesi is doing great. she came to church on sunday and persio received the aaronic priesthood. he was really excited about that, as well as I. cesi listened to the missionaries actually quite a few times before, but never had any interest. she said she used to tell her nieta (granddaughter) to say that she wasn't home or was sleeping when she was actually just watching TV. haha. but she said it is different now and that she understands and is so much happier learning about the plan of salvation. we got to a lesson the other day and she said, can I say the prayer? I have been practicing. I practiced a ton last night. it was so cute, and I felt so happy for her. I am realizing more and more that the miracles and special experiences don't have to come in big ways to make a difference. ya I hear all sorts of stories about missionaries who baptized a thousand people or had this experience or that experience. I feel badly sometimes that I don't feel that way, but I think it is a lot like that way I think elder bednar described our testimonies - like light filling a room all at once or when the sun begins to rise little by litte until before you know it is full day light. my testimony came a little bit like the sun rising, and my mission is the same way. I try not to think that because I don't have all these incredible experiences or I don't have the spirit or something, but that I need to focus on the little things first. I have so much to learn still. patience. well, I have to wrap it up. oh, funny moment of the week. we were walking to an appointment when we saw a little old lady sitting alone, so we decided to talk to her and see if we could stop by another day. turns out she only speaks guarani and was so excited to have visitors, she wouldnt let go of our hands. I felt badly, but at the same time, she kept talking to us and I had no idea what she was saying. I tried to make conversation with the little guarani that I know, but it lasts for about 5 seconds. ha. but anyways, the funny part was that as I was trying a bit to sneak out my hand, I realized that she was wearing an oakland raiders beanie. it made me laugh. it is funny how they get stuff here fron the US. it reminded me of the time that the brother of the branch president in coronel oviedo was wearing a red atlanta falcons shirt. anyways, I love you all so much. happy birthday lindsay! 
hermana plummer

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  1. Whitney I miss you so much... You are doing a marvelous work. The Lord is pleased with You my darling and the work you are doing. May the Lord bless and keep you.
    Love you to Heaven and Back - that is eternity - forever and ever!!