Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9, 2012 Love for her converts

hola mom dad and familia. Felices Pascua! mom, before i forget. the sign things need to say. familias son eternas. be sure to not put familias para siempre. families are forever doesn't translate how you think. they are going to be so cute. thanks.  (Amy (sister in law) and mom are making small tile plaques that say families are forever to give some of the families that have loved Whitney and she them too.  We'll take them with us when we go to pick her up next month.)  dad described the easter dinner. sounds pretty yummy. there is an hermana from the ward that makes something like augratin potatores. she calls them papas savorosas or yummy potatores she says. she speaks english very well. thanks dad for the pictures. everyone looks soooo churro. Nic, I remember looking at my calender of birthdays and said. there aren't any in march, so I don't have to worry. then april started before i knew it, and I didn't wish you a happy birthday last week. lo siento. I love you so much. I don't remember how many years you have, but you can know that you look great for your age.  so don't worry a spec. you still have all your teeth. happy birthday to you too Chris. your birthday was just yesterday, so i think it is ok to wish you feliz cumple hoy. rohayhu chris. te quiro. 

well, as for this week. this week was a bit loco. well, it was semana santa as they say here. everyone left. it is interesting because they have viernes santo. holy friday, the day of the crusifixion of christ. on this day, everything is closed. no one does anything. we were in a lesson with one of our investigators the other day when she commented on how we don't recognize viernes santo the way they do (the catolicos). we were with a member who used to be way catolica. she said that our sunday every week is their holy friday. instead of just dedicating one day out of the year to remember christ, we do it every week. As I watched the conference, I just felt so grateful to have the apotles and prophets who teach us so clearly, what heavenly Father expects of us and what we need to do to return to Him. It is a lot more than what most people think. it takes sacrifice, like joseph smith said. one of my favorite talks of general conference was by Pres. Eyring. I always love his talks. he talked about having a firm foundation of faith to carry us through the trials of life. he said that the way to build that firm foundation is through personal integrity, I thought that was interesting and so true. the way we live our daily life, our daily decisions are what little by little build a firm foundation upon which we cannot fall. helaman 5:12. by the small and simple things in life, we can be happy. 
please pray for S. because of family stuff, they have to move tomorrow. her mom asked us to help her find a place near the church so she can continue with everything. she searched and searched like crazy on saturday when she told us, but we found nothing. she only found a place in a different ward. I think she is going to be able to stay in our ward, but now is far away. I don't know how she is going to get to church and seminary . the other ward meets in our chapel, but they don't have seminary. I kind of started to have a breakdown last night with worry because I started to think about what will happen when we are not here. everything will be ok for now, but when I am not here? It hit me that I have to leave her and maura and gloria and everyone. I Iove them so much and probably will never see them again. I don't want to leave them. It is so hard for me to trust that they will be ok. I just want to be here with them forever to make sure everything is ok and to help them. i have a feeling I am going to be an overprotective mom or something. well, I have to go. oh, by the way. hna little and I stayed together. Heavenly Father answered my prayers. l love you all 

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