Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

This week starts the beginning of Whitney's last and final transfer.  6 weeks from tomorrow Dave and I leave to pick up our sweet Whitney.  I'm excited beyond excited.

hola mom, dad, and familia. sorry mom. I dont know why but i couldnt see your photo. it doesn't work or something on these computers. no mom, i didn't notice hna sargent´s sister. i only met her once. david archuletta neither. how funny. that is great he is going on a mission. I bet they sent him far away. haha that is fine to bring 10 of the famlies are forever. but, make sure you change it. it is wrong to say familias son para siempre. familias son eternas is better. sounds like they are going to be so cute. by the way, yes I get your cards. they are super cute, and I love them, only I wish you would sent pictures of the family instead of pictures of me. I want to see my family. all the pictures I have of my nieces and nephews are old now. except from nicole. well, I haven't purchased much because there hasn't been anywhere in my areas to buy anything. but I bought a few things recently. the scripture covers and stuff. would you or dad want a scripture case or something? I will check on temple clothes. they have a few because we use their clothes when we go. I will ask a member to call and ask or something. I think I would like a day in asuncion to be a tourist. there is a mercado that I would like to go to. I will ask the members and hna little. 
as for the work here, thanks for all of your prayers. this week we saw so many miracles. shabanna´s baptism was great because all of the young women of the ward came and participated. and drum roll. all of her family came! they pulled up to the church all together, and hna little and I looked at each other. no way. well, her mom, step dad, and little brother. they really enjoyed it. woohoo. because of the conference she will be confirmed this coming sunday. I will try and send pictures. conference was so awesome!! I was so sad it ended. every session flew by. we had someone come to every session except the first. It was such a blessing. I prayed and prayed that what was said in the messages could be just what they needed. I have to look over my notes and send some thoughts about it next week. I haven't looked over them much yet. last night, i didn't even write in my journal or read I just went right to sleep. we were soooo tired. sooo happy, but soooo tired. I think I heard the words covenant and atonement more than a million times. a ton about the family, plan of salvation, and love. I learned so much, and just felt such a gratitude to have apostles and prophets of God on the earth. as Pres. Monson spoke, I felt through him the sincere desire Heavenly Father has that every one of His children returns to Him. I felt Heavenly Father´s love through him even though I am thousands of miles away and it was translated into spanish. I know he is God´s prophet on the earth.
one of our investigators is vicki. she is a woman of about 55 or so and lives alone in a very very chuchi (fancy) house. but anyways, she came to conference saturday afternoon. when we called her to confirm the plans she said. remember yesterday when you were here and prayed, as I had asked, for a compañero (she wants a husband), an hour later, I got a call, she said. she said how fast God answers your prayers. it was so funny. everytime we visit she wants to invite us to tea. we drink herbal tea and she drinks cocido. a common drink here that missionaries can't drink. the members drink it, just the missionaries cant. but we are trying to learn to say no. she just says, ¨we are going to drink tea now¨. oh. have to go. I love you all so much. thanks for you love and prayers. I love you!!!
hermana plummer

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