Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov 16, 2010

hola family, p day again finally. although I like sundays much better than p days here because they aren't stressful. Pdays everyone is furiously writing and it flies by way too fast. Plus, i am practically in my missionary clothes all day anyways. oh well. I love being able to write and have some sort of connection with home. This week has been hectic. Like every week I guess. The days are long, but I swear i just wrote an email yesterday. i have loved hearing about everything going on from mom, and my pictures from raelyn, hudson, and harper. it makes my day when I get a letter. the packages are great mom. I love you so much. My companions think you are so cute with your scripture notes and poems. I just smile and am reminded how much I love you. i am so glad you had a fun anniversary going to your favorite restaurant. oh how I long for food of the outside world. The food here is...okay. not bad not way good. they do well considering how many they have to fee constantly all day. there are about 2100 or so missionaries here but they have had up to 2800 at one time before. i can't even imagine! it would be so crowded!! it is good though. Oh and mom, remember it is Lavaka, not kavaka. we tease her sometimes because la vaka is cow in spanish. haha. oh and before I forget, will you send me addresses?!! i would really like katy giles' also. i was so spaced apparently before I came. I didn't come with practically any addresses.
Well, last tuesday elder Bednar came to speak at our devotional. 4 apostles in a row. fun stuff. his words of wisdom seriously changed my mission and how I think, teach, plan, study, everything. i wish I could go into more detail, but he is so incredible and will always have a place in my heart. i have to learn that as a missionary, I am not the one doing the teaching, the doctrine, the principles, the scriptures, and more importantly the holy ghost are doing the teaching. i am just a mouthpiece. i am humbled more even when I think i have been sufficiently humbled. obviously i haven't learned my lesson. i love it here though. Knowing how much I have to learn gets me over the fact that i am in class all day every day. i know I need this. Boy I wish I hadn't slept in seminary. i knew in the back of my mind back then that i should have been paying attention, but I was just so tired. Now I am way more tired, but somehow stay awake. I guess I am too stressed to think of falling asleep. thank goodness hermana lavaka keeps me sane and making sure i don't stress out too much.
I guess though that I am getting the hang of things. sleep, study, eat, study, eat, study, eat, study, sleep. Somewhere in there is soem gym time. i have never wanted to work out more in my life. yes, mom, the early morning runs have ceased. Not falling asleep very easily with all the snoring going on in the room and then waking up way early, was not working well. but I still run during gym time during they day. it has been an answer to my prayers to be able to run. i run about 2 miles or so every day and my knee hasn't hurt at all. Also, abotu half of the sisters in my room have been sick. two of them slept for three days straight, and I have been so blessed to stay well. heavenly Father knows that i would freak out if I got behind because I was sick.
I guess I am just continuing to do the same thing every day. haha. there is so much to learn before I head out to paraguay. I love and miss every one so much, and hope everyone is doing well!!

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