Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nov 23, 2010

hola again. i seriously can't believe that i am emailing again already. a whole month has gone by as of tomorrow and I am almost half way there! well, at least through the MTC. i am so jealous of the missionaries who are here for only 3 weeks and get to go the the peru mtc. it would break things up a bit. honestly though, the MTC isn't that bad. the thought of how much i have to learn overpowers the drag of sitting in a classroom all day. oh and let me know if i am saying the same things in all my emails. you know me. I follow after mom. i can't remember what I have said, and nothing different really ever happens. just the same thing every day. This week is Thanksgiving though! i can't believe it. we don't have classes and such on thursday since they dont' want to make people work, so we have service projects and stuff all day. it should be great. Our service job each week is one of my favorite times, but mostly because I can be in my jeans. Thanks mom so much for the package of clothes and stuff. It was so perfect and just what I needed. I will probably just send my coat back to you when I leave. I don't want it to get ruined in Paraguay. So many sisters here have all these nice clothes and stuff, but personally, I don't want to ruin all my clothes. It is a bit different in Paraguay. But then I see sisters who are going to Thailand. I would freak out. When Spanish gets hard, I am just grateful I can read my tag. Spanish is coming very slowly. I have to be patient and remember that I am not going to know spanish tomorrow. i get discouraged realizing how much I have to learn. I have been here 4 weeks and still feel like i don't know anything. but I actually have learned so much. At first I thought it would be impossible to get the name of our church down. such a tongue twister. and so long in spanish. la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de lost ultimas dias. try saying that fast. k well it was hard for me. but now i am already preparing to teach in spanish for the first time in a week. Pray for me please! haha. i know heavenly father is helping me so much. He really blesses his missionaries. i am getting really good at praying in spanish since I pray like a billion times a day. Let's see. what happened this week? i played the prelude music for church on sunday. with much persuasion i agreed to prepare to play next week for the meeting. I hate playing in public. you remember how bad my recitals were. my foot would shake so much that I couldn't even press the petal. Sacrament meeting is interesting. everything is in spanish of course. it is just my zone in our branch. used to be 6 of us girls, but one hermana just left yesterday for ogden. not there is 5 and the other hermanas leave next wednesday. the would have left yesterday too, but they have visitors center training a week extra. they are going to the mesa arizona temple visitors center. anyways, we all have to prepare a talk every sunday (in spanish) because the branch president calls on anyone he wants on the spot. So you find out you are giving your talk when you give it. It is kind of scary. I haven't given one yet. but it is really good because we will all have talks already written when we go out into the mission field. sundays are the best here. at 7pm we have a fireside which is always great, and then they show movies. like last week we watched the testaments. I cried. and this week we watched the joseph smith movie. it is easy to get distracted from out purpose as missionaries, but the mtc is good training ground to get my mind trained since they constantly have ways to keep reminding me. I have to always remember this 18 months (now 17) is not my time. This is the Lord's time, and i do not intend on wasting this opportunity. such a blessing to have the opportunity to dedicate everything. no other time in my life will i be able to in such a way as this. but I have already decided that when I go on a mission with my husband, it will be in the middle east because by then it will be open. just you wait. well, my time is almost up. remember I love you so much. thank you so much for the love and support. i know this is the one and only true gospel and that this is the Lord's work. i can't believe I get to be doing this. i love it. love and miss you so much.
hermana Plummer

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  1. It's so fun to hear that she is doing so well! I wonder if she's seen Peter? I remember feeling just like that- thinking about so much class time, but realizing that you've got so much to learn, it's simply not going to be enough! I love her testimony though and do know that our Heavenly Father will help her out every step of the way. It is hard sometimes to see people heading out to the field when you have to stick around, but I'm sure she's doing wonderful things!