Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nov 9, 2010

hola, before i forget, will you send these emails out to the family? i don't have time to write everyone's name in. i think it would be best for you to send me dear elders or written letters bc i don't have enough time to write if I have to read emails. i love hearing about everything though. I hope this yellow fever card works for travel. if that is what it says though. I will go into the immunization office and talk to them about it to make sure. thanks for the package. my companions ate all the candy. I love getting the dear elders so much. I will misss gettting them so often once i leave. i can't believe it has already by almost 2 weeks. the days are long, but the weeks go by way fast. Oh and before i forget, say hi to marilyn and gary for me. I am so happy you go to see them for a bit. Tell emily she is in trouble for not writing me and telling me she got her call. but also that i am way excited for her. Brando was in a different mission, but that is so cool. We will be neigbors. I did see Elder smith today actually for the first time. he seems to  be doing well. We got to go to the temple again. every week. We did sealings today. It was way cool. It really strengthened my testimony of the plan of salvation, which it good, because we will be practicing teaching that lesson this week. After the 4th week we teach in spanish. yikes. i will send you a letter with some of what i have learned. Dad said he wanted me to send some spanish phrases. anyways, this week was good. i am getting more used to the schedule and am sleeping better. but half the time i hear snoring in the room before i finish my prayers. it takes me a while in spanish. surprisingly, since i can't say much. I am trying to think of what to say. i guess there is a lot, it just isn't coming to me at the moment. sheri Dew spoke at our sunday fireside. she is amazing. I loved it so much. I swear, if they didn't have firesides and devotionals to give us encouragement, the MTC would be so much harder. they really help out so much. last tuesday elder ballard came. it was the 3rd apostle in a row. we are special here at the mtc. i feel my testimony growing stronger every day. When we have to go out around the mtc practicing contacting in spanish, somehow I am able to say enough to get my point across. don't know much spanish yet, but i will get there. the gift of tongues is truly a blessing for missionaries. when people say that the mormons somehow have soem amazing teaching method as the reason missionaries can learn languages so fast, it isn't true. the teachers only teach a little bit, and we have to study on our own. it is very self directed learning. the secret is the gift of tongues. and I can testify of that truth. i have two teachers though, who teach some spanish but spend most of the time teaching us how to teach. they focus on having us teach people and not lessons. focusing on the investigator's needs. preach my gospel is an inspired book, and teaches perfectly how to connect with people. my teachers are different, but each push me in a different way to be better and inspire me. i am amazed at their wisdom as college students. and i am reinspired every day to do better, be more obedient, sacrifice more, and pray every more fervently to my heavenly father for strength and direction. no one would be able to handle what missionaries do without the help of the Lord. I want you all to know how much i love you and miss you. It is hard being away, but i am constantly reminded why I am here and feel this is where i am supposed to be. You are all always in my prayers.
much love,

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  1. Does Whitney get to read comments? If you here it is. If not then pass it on. We are so proud of you. We loved the MTC. Look for Peter. He will be there Wed. He is going to Flordia so he won't be there long.