Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec 21, 2010

so I just sent my email from last week since it didn't go. i was so mad. I guess you get 2 emails then this week. this past week has been great! i can't believe I am leaving in 6 days. I have loved it here, but honestly, I cannot wait to get out. I need a change of pace. mom, thank you so much for everything you have sent. my companions are so grateful and send their love. everything was so perfect. I opened the package last night before reading the dear elder, so I was like, this is way great, but how come I didn'g get a travel kit. haha. thank so much. you went to overboard. I can just see dad shaking his head. we love you so much though. I will have to send a few things back withmy coat and stuff. sad news though. so ummm, I left my black skirt for the sister missionary mall hanging in the laundry room. I had hung it up to dry. I left it there and I realized it that night. So we went back first thing right after personal study the next morning. no where to be found. not in any of the lost and founds. not anywhere. We have been going everywhere we can think of multiple times, but it is no where. i serioiusly think that someone put it in the lost and found bin in the laundry room and someone else thought that bin was to take from. i suppose there is someone around here wearing my skirt with my initials on the tag. but they probably need it more than i do. but  acutally, i really need it. i feel so bad asking for this request since you just sent me so much, but my other black skirt is so incredibly long. I call it my nun skirt. and no they dont do hemming. they only fix stuff. they won't hem here. we are going to look one more time today, but if I dont' find it, can you please call the missionary mall and have them send a size medium in the skirt I had in grey, black, and brown with the pleat in the front? I am so sorry, but I really need that skirt. I wear it almost every day.
also, i tried to write down answers to your questions mom
I have played the piano a few times. i still dont like playing in public, but i guess I am getting used to it
tights are great that you send me. nice and warm
yes I love having grandma's watch. I do think about her sometimes. I love having something I wear everyday remind me of her.
the cake was SOOO good. thanks so much. we loved it
yes I remember ms scarlett's. i can't believe you still had that receipts. how long do you keep those things? I still remember, and that has always been a favorite dress of mine
and I am so glad you got to go the the tabernacle choir concert. so fun. we watched it here on sunday during the spoken word. or at least something similar.
I got my travel plans last thursday!!!
here is the plan:
12-27-10 monday American Airlines SLC to DF leave @ 12:35 pm, arrive in Dallas @ 4:10 p
hang out in dallas for a while
DF to EZE leave @ 7:35 pm, arrive in buenos aires @ 9:00 am
hang out for a while
EZE to AS (Asuncion) leave @ 2:35 pm, arrive in asuncion @ 4:25 pm!!!!!
oh and do you think you can check and see if the phone card can call from international? because the cards they sell in the book store here you can call from the states to international, but they don't work to call from outside the states into the states. I will take a closer look at mine. thanks for the card too though. it will be great. and thanks for the sd card. mine was only 1GB and I think I will take more pictures than that. so muchas gracias.
I report to the travel office here at 8am on monday. i dont' know exaclty what time we will be getting to the gate and stuff, but i imagine I will have time to call. just be home that morning. if for some reason I dont call in slc, I wil for sure call in dallas. so plan ahead. and please send me phone numbers of the family so I can call them too. well I got to go. sorry if I left anything out, just ask me when I call you!!!! I can't wait. love you so much. I am so blessed.
hermana plummer

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  1. Very exciting. She is so ready to jump into the next adventure. I hope you enjoy your phone call tomorrow. It will be glorious.