Tuesday, December 7, 2010

hola, I get to write once again. I swear it seems though that it was just yesterday that i wrote you, but when I think about it, a lot has happened since last tuesday. I am still just diong the same thing. haha. learnin spanish and learnin the gospel. Although i am way excited that as of tday we have 20 days left here, I have loved it here in the MTC. The things that I have learned are invalueable, and I will never forget these memories here in the MTC. It will be so nice to get out of the cold soon! it is not fun walking around in the cold in a skirt, but at least it is only for a while. i tell the elders they are lucky they get to wear pants and they tell me I am lucky that i don't have to wear the same thing everyday. but i feel like I do. don't have too many winter clothes considering I packed for paraguay, not utah.
Thank you so much for my CHRISTMAS TREE. i almost cried. it is the sweetest, cutest christmas tree in the whole world! i love it so much, and felt so at home hanging it up in my window (I will send a picture of it all hung up). Thanks for remembering me and sending me a piece of home. You have no idea how much it meant to me.
As always I love getting the letters and hearing about life back at home. thanks mom and dad! it helps so much to be able to have a letter to read when I get back to my room at night after a long day. it lifts my spirits a lot of the time, and I always look forward to hearing about everything. sounds like things have kept busy enough. hope the christmas party was fun with Raelyn and Leilani!
Dad, that is way cool Justin's relative was part of the Mormon Battalion. When I went to SanDiego to visit my friend kate, we went to some exibit thing in old town put on the by the church. I learned a bunch about it that i never knew. They were pretty incredible what they had to go through. I am excited for you to be able to give a lesson on gifts of the spirit. what a blessing they are. I can testify that the gift of tongues it real. i see it everyday when other missionaries and i are able to speak spanish as we teach. somehow, after only 6 weeks, we are able to speak just enough so as to provide the right environment for our investigators to feel the spirit. Whether they are members of the church or not here in the trc where we practice (sometimes they are not members), the spirit is what does the real teaching.
Thank you also mom for sending that talk and the part from that elder's blog. it was cool to read the blog. all of us read it. my companions love you by the way. they think you are the cutest mom ever with all you packages and letters. They say thank you for kindly including them in your christmas package. that was so sweet. we have the stockings on our window sill. i have the best family. also, hermana lavaka is in need of socks. kind of like the ones i got at target that are a regular sock material but the ones that don't show. if you could please send some, that would be great. she wears a size 10. 7 pairs would be great. if you don't remember what they are, just write and ask for more details. she says she will give me some money, she jsut needs them and doesn't have a way to get them. thanks mom! just when you have time.
this week was really rough, it was eithere wed and thurs or thurs and fri. But I was for some reason having a really hard time and everything was just going wrong. my companioship wasnt getting along. i felt defeated with spanish, and i just was not happy. kind of had a breakdown. but when I read your letter that you heard me calling your name, it brought tears to my eyes. heavenly father knows me, and answers my prayers. I needed help, and needed encouragement, and I was praying my heart out for heavenly father to lift me up. i love you. and I am so blessed with parents who are a righteous example.
hermana plummer


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  1. Love you letter. Yes, you do have a great Mom and Dad, so thoughful. Sounds like you are growing in your missionary work. I loved the MTC, but was only there for 2 weeks. Natalie was there learning Spanish when we were there. It was fun seeing her at dinner sometimes. Her mission was great and she learned so much. What a great opportunity you are having.

    We are doing great. It has gotten cold with ice and snow. Can't believe the pioneers lived through this, especially when they were driven out of their homes and across the Mississippi. It is so cold, I don't know how they survived. I do though, it was through the Lord's blessing upon them, as you know.

    I was looking forward to you coming last year with you Mom, and I am sorry she didn't feel well enough. We will have to come another time.
    Continue in your learning, the Church is true. Love you,