Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Coronel Oviedo District
Hna Lozano has finished her mission and sent these
pictures to me (Louise) on FB.  

Map Of Coronel Oviedo and location of pension.
What a payback to a parent.....  We did something right!

hola familia! goodness, sounds like you all had a crazy week with skiing and baby Zade! I was so excited to see pictures. so tiny. get well soon amy! can´t wait to meet him when I get back. thanks for filling me in on eveything mom and dad. so fun nicole and justin have visited twice already since I have been gone. crazy to believe it has been almost 5 months since I entered in the mtc. crazy. but already it seems like I dream that I was anywhere but here. mom, muchas preguntas. haha. I will try and fill you in on everything you want to know. well, this week was good. we worked really hard to find new people to teach, asking for references from everyone. We have some hopefuls, so I pray that the spirit will work out what is out of our hands. It seems like everytime we think someone is going to progress, we can´t find them or they cancel. frustrating, but we just keep pressing forward, trying to do everything we can. trying to keep the faith. I know I need more faith. to believe without seeing. to believe that someone will accept without seeing it, yet. oh and before I forget, I haven´t gotten the letter from margaret. hopefully it will come tomorrow!
we give talks every second sunday of the month. haven´t cooked much yet. but I am getting there. one thing that hna lozano loves from el salvador is fried bananas. she fries everything. anyways, it is with this special type of banana that is sweeter. it is short and fat. it is way good. but we don´t have this kind of banana in the states sadly. but if I like it and don´t like bananas, it must be good. I dont´really know what I eat. a lot of apples and cereal, and eggs, and pasta, and carrots and I don't remember???   hma lozano eats a ton of black beans. apparently they eat it with everything in el salvador. we eat lunch either in the pension or at a members house like twice a week but don't eat dinner till we get home at night. my clothes are holding up good. one of the buttons on a shirt came off. story of my life, but I will try and fix it today. shoes are still going strong. sorry you have to have such a crazy diet mom. it wouldn´t work here that is for sure. we are in a district, not a stake but I am sure they have district conference. yes they have a way to watch general conference. I am so excited! but I think I will have to watch it in spanish. they always have it in english mainly for the elders, but I can´t be in a different room than my companion, so I might not understand total, but it should be fine. I was reading the conference liahona yesterday from the last conference. I was reading the talk by elder holland where he shared the story about his mission and how his parents didn´t use his money. ya that talk. I remembered him crying while giving that talk, and started crying yesterday reading it. I thought of so many faithful members of the church who give everything they have to be obedient. who do whatever it takes to help another and to fulfill their callings. I am realizing a lot more what I have been blessed with in my life. My eyes have been opened to the reality of a lot of things. we talk about the family everyday and how our message will help people protect their families and unify their families. I thought of the times when I was young when dad wanted us all home to eat dinner and I was so annoyed because I wanted to eat at my friend´s house or what not. I look back and realized all the things you both did to try and unify our family and protect our family. I am so grateful now for growing up in a home with parents who taught me correct principle. I see kids 10 11 years old who walk a long way to church alone because their parents are less active. I cry thinking of how I took all that for granted. thanks mom and dad for setting an example for me and for doing all those little things, like family prayer and family scripture study and family dinners. I see now how important it all is, epecially now that I am trying to help others do the same. I love you so much. I can´t even describe how blessed I am. well, I have to go, I won´t be able to write until next thursday because next week is cambios. I love you all so much! I know jesus christ is our savior and we can look to him to help us through anything. until next week.
hermana plummer

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