Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011

Transfered to Leopardi with Hermana Knapp

hola familia, thanks mom and dad for the updates on everything. what a miracle with the story of the missionaries in japan. everyone here is talking about it. seems like every year there is something more that happens around the world. sign of the times. those families are in my prayers. well, surprise, I am now in Leopardi. never saw that coming. I knew it was a possiblility that hermana lozano would leave so I was all prepared for her to leave. felt like I knew the area well enough. that took for ever because it is grandisimo. but they changed me to leopardi. my new companion is hermana knapp from kansas. she has one transfer. yup. two greenies together. hermana lavaka is now with hermana lozano. I was really nervous at first that we both are still figuring everything out. but I feel at peace that we are going to be ok. more that ok. I am really excited to work with hermana knapp. she is so great and we agree on a lot of things we want to do. the barrio is incredible. we had a meeting with the lider misional last night and he is a returned missionary. he helps the hermanas out so much to get the help of the members in the lessons and such. you have no idea how much of a relief it is to hear that. I can tell that the members really help in this area and i am so excited. we really struggled with that in coronel oviedo. they are great, but don't really have the drive to participate in the work. it is sad to leave coronel oviedo. I didn't feel like my work was finished. we were finally seeing some progress and had two with a baptismal date that we found this past week. I am sad to leave behind the families and investigators that I love. I keep thinking how lavaka and lozano are doing. so weird that lavaka is sleeping in my bed and walking the streets that I walked, and teaching my investigators. but I know there is a miracle waiting to happen there. I was way surprised, but I feel comforted that this is where heavenly father wants me.
well, my last week in coronel oviedo was good. I ate the liver and heart of a chicken. ya. took a while to get the courage to do it, but wasnt bad. I wasn't about to eat the head though. they seriously eat everything they can. all the members in pindoty work in a polleria and it is killing time for the pollo. smells awful. I will send some pictures. I also took pictures with a lot of the families when I left that I will send.
we were looking for antiguos investigadores this past week to look up again to contact. I found one I felt we should find. we found the house and the chica didn't live there anymore, but we decided to teach the girl who just moved in. paola. she is so ready. when we shared out of the libro de mormon, she was like, where can I get one of those, I want to mark that and read more. we were like, uhh, you can have this one. we invited her to be baptized and she accepted. I hope she progresses so much. I wont be able to hear about her progress. sad day. I know that was such a blessing to find her. she is so ready.
well, I have to go. I just got my valentines day package and yes I think I got your second letter. I finally got margarets letter too. thanks so much for the package and the books. I love the inspirational book. part of it really helped me. it says that even when life throws us a curve ball, we can still hit a homerun. so true.
and and by the way. even in spanish I cant escape jokes on plummer. they say plumero.
oh and I am famous in paraguay now. when we were waiting in the terminal, all the missionaries that had transfers, some news person was interviewing a few of the elders. I was sitting minding my own business writing in my journal when the guy decided to interview me. my hair was all messy because we just got off a 3 hours collectivo trip in which I slept the whole time and i just look awful. he asked me my name and where I am from and how long i will be in paraguay and where I am going right now. I said I came from coronel oviedo and how I am now going to leoparti for a while. didnt think very much of it, but when we went to a members house last night, the sister was like, oh, you came from coronel oviedo and are from atlanta. huh? they saw me on the tv. another member we met saw me too. so weird. anyways. that is the story of this week. love you all so much and am so blessed to have you all as my family. I love this work and know it is the most imporant work in the world.
hermana plummer

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