Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

hola familia! i can´t believe another week has gone by.  i do feel a lot more at peace now. i got a lot of things sorted out. i was really praying to find out what was missing. i don´t know. i just felt like something was missing. one morning i sat down to do my personal study and prayed that i could find an answer in my studies. i had planned to read some where in preach my gospel, but i decided not to and happened to pass by a page in chapter 9. So i looked up the scriptures and came across 1 thess 2. read it. it is way short. i realized what was missing. i really do feel a love for the people, but i realized i was missing something. the motive behind it all. i realized i needed to do it more for them and for God rather than to feel like i am being obedient. yes i need to do my part to build up the kingdom of god, but i need to remember more that it is to help and serve his children. I needed to take my love for the people to another level and really leave myself out of the picture completely. we still have a lot of challenges with the rama and everything. we met with one of the 2 chicas from the rainy day one other time but she didn´t have much more interest.  i know that we really need to work hard to have a turn around in the rama to be in a state that can support new members. when that happens, i think it will be blessed. I am learning the difference between sadness and discouragement. we are sad when someone doesn´t want to accept bc we know how much it can bless their lives, but i can´t let myself get down about it. they have their agency. i know there are people here ready to accept, we just have to find them somehow. i have been trying to do whatever i can to be worthy of the guidance of the spirit. trying to keep myself more focused always and not let my mind drift off. the language is hard. understanding is the hardest part for me. the paraguayos kind of mumble a bit. but everything else has really been more difficult than the language.
thanks for the updates with everything. i can´t wait to hear zade is here safe and sound. i don´t have much more time, but thanks mom for sending the package. i can´t wait to get it!! whatever there is will be perfect. a piece of home. oh and we played tennis again today! a good day. love you all so much. always remembr that through our Savior our family will be together forever. you are stuck with me.
hermana plummer

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