Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Humor fo the week - read ahead for the details of taking a shower in the streets of Asuncion/Leopardi Barrio.

Hola Familia, happy birthday Brian!! sorry I couldn't be there, but I will be there next year! that means that dad's birthday is this week. Happy Birthday DAD! 
well, I learned some good lessons this week. the good news is that I finally made the cake you sent me mom. I was saving it for Nestor's baptism. I made the cake, he had his interview, the font was filled and everything, and then Saturday morning the sad news came. he said he doesn't want to be baptized yet. the night before his baptism Nestor's friends decided to tell him all sorts of things about the church that aren't even true. he decided not to be baptized because he suddenly felt really confused. before he said he felt really good about everything, that he had received his answer that he was looking for. he is so great, and wants to do what is right, but lets what others say influence him too much. it bothers me when people talk like they know what they are talking about but really don't know. Like how it is bad to be baptized again if you have already been baptized. but of course some are going to say that. they think their sprinkling of water when they are babies is baptism. Everyone needs to read Moroni 8. then tell me that babies need baptism. so it was kind of a bummer. we were able to talk to him and with the scriptures resolve every one of the doubts he had from what his friends said. the scriptures say it all. we invited him to read in the Book of Mormon again and really pray to know what is right. we can testify and share scriptures, but the conversion of a person happens when they are alone and pray fervently to know and by living the commandments. I will keep you updated. 
so that was a bummer, but the Lord always provides us with miracles. like how yesterday we had really great lessons, one being with nestor. And I felt the spirit so strongly in the classes at church. to top everything off, I finished off the week with a shower in the street when some woman dumped her dirty laundry water from he second story apt directly over my head. always an adventure in the mission.  haha well, I hope you are all doing well. I love and miss you all so much and think of you daily, but the Gospel is needed here in Paraguay. I have to do my part. love you!!!
hermana plummer

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