Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4, 2011

hola familia, FRIO! hace frio. (It's COLD) winter has finally come and was below 0 grados the other day. i use my gloves so much. never thought i would use them. everyone tells us that we are crazy for walking around in the cold and that we need to go back to our apt and relax and watch tv or something. we just laugh a little. I guess when people don't understand why we do what we do, we might seem a bit crazy. but it is always an opportunity to share the gospel. nestor told me felicidaded for the anniversary of however many years old is the US. he knew exactly how many years it was. and i was like, huh?  I had totally forgotten the independencia of my own country. It throws me off that it is cold right now. nestor is all set for his baptism this saturday! I am so excited. what a blessing to know this kid. so smart, humble and dedicated to the Lord. he has his entrevista this wednesday, and the baptism is this saturday at 5pm. please keep him in your prayers this week! he is always full of questions, but yesterday, no. he has really been able to resolve all of his doubts and feel the spirit testify that this is the true church. 
mini miracle of the week. yesterday for the copa america, paraguay played against ecuador. when there is a partido, the streets are empty. especially since this is paraguay and not just a club team. all of our appointments fell through and no one wanted to listen of course because it was cold and they were watching their game. I was silently praying that heavenly father would help us find some one to teach. then we knocked the door of Ruth. she was such miracle. she is way catolica, but her reaction to the restoration was so humble. she said how she thinks la iglesia catolica is true. thinks that she is in the right, but at the same time realized that it was only because as she said, had been programmed into her head like a computer since she was a kid. she was really surprised to hear about joseph smith and said, without an invitation, I have to pray and ask God if this it true. catholics never say that. I pray she will be able to feel the spirit testify that joseph smith really was a prophet of God. we have another cita with her on wednesday! well, I love you all so much. I really truly know that this is the true church and that our Savior Jesus Christ died for our sins, but was resurrected to provide us with the opportunity to live with Him again. until next week
hermana plummer
sorry the pictures didn't work. I will try next week

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