Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

What a great group of missionaries.
2 Americans, 1 Hondurian, and 
others ???

hola familia, I cant believe another week has flown by. wait! I feel like I say that every week. well, every week has its ups and downs. I learn so much with every day in the mission. I think I am learning patience in the midst's of a lot that is going on. patience with myself and with the work. there is so much to missionary work, it is easy to get caught up in things that aren't most important. I have to keep my head level and just focus on being a servant of the Lord for this short time I have. mom., you almost made me cry. 6 cambios scares me. nooooo. please never say that again. haha. 
this week started out with a classic fall in the mud. we went to play futbol with the elders in our district and of course I cant play to save my life. so i slipped in the mud. I have a bruise on my thigh. it was way funny. it's fun to play even though i am awful. speaking of futbol. all week everyone was going crazy. the paraguayos and their futbol. the past 2 weeks were the copa america which is every 4 years. paraguay made it to the finals but lost yesterday. when there is partido, no one is in the street. and I mean no one. baren. and when they win, they don't have school the next day. I love it. finally it is over. quite the challenge to teach during partido. 
yesterday we had two great investigators come to church. Domi is the neighbor of a member family which is so great. she took her to church and everything. domi loved it! also, we are teaching a joven Christian. 17 years old. he has a few interesting ideas, but wants to learn and came to church and loved it. he also came to our piano class. yup. we started teaching piano on saturday. a lot of people seem really interested so we will see. it was a bit harder than I though because I don't know music terms in spanish. haha. I will have to study up on that. well, I am out of time. I can't even express how much my time here means to me. when I feel the tingles of the spirit, when i testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and the power of the atonement, I would not trade it for anything in the world. there are many who will feel the spirit and still don't accept, but I know that somewhere down the road, they will meet the missionaries again and remember that feeling. sometimes we have to plant seeds for others in the future to reap. I try to have faith and patience and just be a worthy servant. I love you all. i know the gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to live in peace and happiness now and forever. love you all so much.
hermana plummer


  1. Whitney sounds great. Feeling the spirit and loving it, enjoying some mud and some piano as well as the teaching. Great letter.

  2. I found this blog from FB after I saw a comment that Kim Mayfield posted on a picture of your daughter. (We used to live in Jonesboro when Dale was the Bishop. I served as YW President w/ his mom as my counselor about 16 years ago. I actually grew up in Riverdale. Becky Wiggins was one of my mother's best friends. Just so you don't think I'm a crazy stalker, Becky, Kim, Elizabeth & Herb will vouch for me. :-) ) I thought the pic looked like Paraguay, and that's how I found this. I served my mission in Paraguay from Jan. 1990-July 1991. I spent 3 months in Cnel. Oviedo, and as I looked at the pix your daughter sent from that area, tears came to my eyes. That big blue sky, the red dirt, wooden chairs, bright smiling faces with beautiful brown eyes! Oh how I loved my sweet Paraguayos! Paraguay was, in my opinion, the BEST place to serve. They are angels there. It's fun to read her mixing Spanish in her letters. My letters to my mom looked very much the same. It's fun to see how much the church has grown there in 20 years.

    Kim (Longnecker) Hall
    Lilburn, GA