Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18, 2011

District 4

District 4  P-day of futbol

When it rains it pours.

The Otto Familia
Hna Otto is so good to the hermanas!!!!
Thank you Hna Otto from this mama.  
hola familia, the weeks are flying by. this cambio is already almost over. ahhh. sometimes I freak at thinking that my mission is half over and that I don't have enough time, but at the same time 9 more months is a good chunck of time. so it is all good. I still have loads to learn. thanks mom for sending me emily's letters she sends home. i could relate to a lot of things she said and was an answer to my prayers in a lot of ways too. it really is amazing how hard satan works on us. if satan can’t get us to be disobedient, he goes in another door making us feel insufficient. I kind of had a break down I think the day before yesterday. I let him in a bit thinking of all the missionaries who have tons of baptisms already, and i have 1. I know that is so bad to think. you don't have to tell me, but nonetheless, I felt it. I felt like I wasn't good enough, like I am not a good missionary. I had a cry. but my Savior always carries me when i need Him. I try to focus on what preach my gospel says is a successful missionary and not numbers. all I can do is give myself to the Lord, be worthy, and work hard. I have to choose to be happy. we are in control of that. Heavenly Father always blesses me with something to keep me going. this week was the first week that we met our goal for lessons with members. members are so key to everything we do, but a bit of a challenge to get them to participate in missionary work the way they should. I was really excited about that!! woohoo. we also had a great experience with an inactive member. she wants to come back to church, but a few situations have made it a bit difficult. well, she has a new empleada, I guess that is like house help. so many people here have that. whether they have money or not. anyways, the empleada is a 17 year old from the interior who only speaks guarani. she understands mas o menos castellano, but doesnt speak spanish yet. the member translated and we were able to share with her the book of mormon. the member shared her testimony that she really does know that it is true even though she isnt practicing, but knows that she needs to go to church. the chica wants to read the book of mormon and come to church. she is so great, and I felt such a special spirit when the member shared her testimony in guarani. woohoo. 
also, dad mentioned how a returned missionary spoke in church on sunday about how he knew he was the answer to the prayers of others. it is such a blessing to be instruments in the Lord´s hands. I feel that we have been able to be answers to the prayers of others a lot of times. heavenly father listens to every prayer. every fervent prayer. it doesnt matter if someone is prepared to accept the gospel or not, He answers the prayers of His childern through his servants in so many small ways. a small example is when the other day, we went to an appointment, but they weren’t there, and it was the siesta. ha. anyways, our planes de respaldo fell through too, so we were walking to another part, when we saw a super old lady, 92 years old, walking with her cane. we went to help her and found that she was headed to catch a collectivo and was praying for someone to help her reach her destination. moments so simple, but are testimonies that heavenly father knows his children. well, i am going to stop and try and send some pictures. hope it works.  remember that you have to change it to jpg. it is of my district, la familia otto, and me by the lake of water in the street. that is what happens everytime it rains. well, love you all so much!. I hope you are all doing well. I miss you tons but know this is where I need to be, sharing the message of the restored gospel to brighten the hope and build the faith of heavenly father's children. 
hermana plummer

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