Monday, August 22, 2011

Aug 22, 2011

hola familia, ¿còmo estàn? news of the week: paraguay es loco. last week was blazing hot, and this week it is freezing cold and with wind. they say viento sur. I think it came from argentina. so I had to take out my gloves again and all my winter stuff. I hope the cold ends soon because my tights won't last much longer. I can practically wear the same thing everyday and no one knows because I always have my coat on. our energy bill was really expensive last month since we used the heat a bit, so we are just suffering through to not have to pay. I sleep all bundled up, and it's all good. well, today I woke up to hermana ramos yelling "ahh, hermana plummer, son las 7:20" turns out we accidentally deactivated our alarm on our phone that we always use. we never set it. it just goes off every day at 6:30 am. but not today. we jumped up and hurried to get ready before 8 to start personal study. it was pretty funny. good thing hermana ramos got up to go to the bathroom, or we would have just kept on sleeping. That's what christian said yesterday when he didn't come to church. he didn't charge his phone, so it turned off and his alarm didn't go off. happens to everyone. 
anyways, I cant write much because my hands are frozen, the door of this place doesn't stay closed, and i am frozen. haha. sorry. 
anyways, this week we witnessed so many miracles. seriously, we are finding so many inactive members, one could say randomly, but we know it is the work of Heavenly Father. I know it because all have been looking or praying for help in coming back to church. they just needed a push and a bit of support. we also received a reference from an inactive of a friend who wanted to know more about the church. so we passed by on monday night, we didn't find them, but we went by the next day, and found them! this couple is so amazing. we haven't been able to talk with her marido, but once, because he works really late, but en serio, she is so prepared to accept the Gospel. she had been praying for help to know how to overcome the problems they are having in their relationship. she said, I am looking for something, as in religion. I don't want something just for tradition, but something real. the next time we met with her, she had read everything in the pamphlet and prayed to know if this is what she has been looking for. she understood everything. she said how incredible it was that this isn't just some other church, but is the original before everyone came and changed everything. we just sat there stunned. they didn't come to church on sunday, I think her marido got home really late and they didnt feel organized to go, but I pray then next sunday. she accepted a baptismal date, so we are really excited to continue teaching them. tonight we are going to watch "Together Forever," a video that we watch with a lot of people. you should look it up. so awesome. well, I have to go. my time is up. I love you all so much. I feel my testimony deepen day by day and am so amazed at how heavenly father works miracles in the lives of his children. I know it is true. I know it. 
hermana whitney plummer

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