Monday, August 1, 2011

Aug 1, 2011

At the church

Just a typical street.

Map of Leopardi members and investigators.
The star is the church and the hermanas live close by.

hola familia, it is august and i will soon be 22 years old. noooo! I dont want to be 22 yet. dad was saying he wants to be young again, but i am only 21 and want to be young again. haha. well, I learned a lot this week. last night was the first time that someone really laughed at my spanish. how sad. haha. we were starting a lesson with a contact from last week. it was actually way great. we contacted a family on a bench last sunday and they said to pass by next sunday because that is when they both are home. last night we had plans to visit other people, but they all fell through. all our planes de respaldo and everything. so I said a prayer in my head. heavenly father, what do we do now? then came to my mind this family that we contacted last week. Perfect! so we went to their house. the mom was kind of sick, so we shared with the dad and their 2 sons, who laughed at my spanish. ugh. but is was actually such a great lesson. we had hna sosa from the ward, who is so great. she shared her testimony of the restoration and how it has blessed her family. the spirit was so strong. woohoo. we will see what happens. that was one of the highlights of my week. also when Christian accepted a fecha bautismal. (baptismal date) he still has doubts about the book of mormon, but really feels a change in him and feels that this is right. I am so excited. he is progressing so much. he couldnt come to church on sunday because of some family event, which was a huge bummer, but I know if he keeps doing what he is doing, he will know the book of mormon is true.
this week, a returned missionary kind of humbled hna ramos and I. well, practically every time he accompanies us in a cita, I feel like I dont know anything. anyways, he basically told us that a few ways that we learned to teach we shouldn’t use. I was like, I learned that from my trainer, so I thought it was good. ha. he said, it isn’t in predicad mi evangelio, (Preach my Gospel) so really we shouldnt explain it that way. he really made me think. if we just focus on being missionaries of predicad mi evangelio, we will teach clearly, with power and with the spirit. so that is my goal starting this week. nothing more and nothing less than a missionary of predicad mi evangelio. well, I am going to try and send a few pictures real fast. I love and miss you all so much. I know with all my heart that Christ lives and is our Savior. that knowledge is most precious above all things. He made possible that our family can be together forever. anyways, take care. enjoy the heat. right now it is FREEZING.

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