Monday, September 26, 2011

Sep 26, 2011 First Baptism in Nemby

OH MY GOODNESS.  The hermanas have to
cross this creek to get to the other side of their area.
I hope their flip flops have GREAT tread.  Look at all 
that slippery mud.

What a great ward support for these two who were

Don't they look great?

Elders, G. and Hna Plummer and Little

hola familia, this week went by so slow. whenever we are excited for something to happen, it never seems to come. we were so excited for friday. G was baptized! it was so awesome. they usually do baptisms on saturdays, but our chapel is the stake center and they were going to have some big event for the youth, so we did it on friday. which turned out to be better since it is the noche de barrio (neighborhood night) and there were a lot of people that could come to support her and then one other that was baptized from the elders that we share the ward with. she was nervous all day long she said, but when she got there, we said a prayer, and when it came time for the baptism, she said she felt so calm and so confident in her decision. she really had a big weight on her shoulders of her past. but has made the mose incredible change in her life. it is like a 360 degree turn. it wasn't easy, but she really has showed a ton of faith. she attended the church before where her daughter was baptized, but never had the desire to be baptized. but this was her time. everyone has their time in which heavenly father prepares their hearts to accept the gospel and make the decision to enter in the covenant of baptism. we call her on the phone, and she is so happy now and has a new perspective on life.
right now we are visiting with a man named P. we just can´t figure him out. he came to church last sunday, is reading in the book of mormon, and reads everything that we leave him. he says he knows that joseph smith was a prophet and that this is the true church and that he wants to find real peace in his life. he really is a great man. the only funny thing is that he kind of drinks a lot. we knew that, so we shared with him the word of wisdom. he was so set on it and wanted to follow what the Lord wants. two days later, we come for our appointment, and he is a little bit tipsy. so we thought we would talk for just a sec and then leave becaue the spirit isn't going to be there. but he starts telling us how he had been reading so much and read and re read the pamphlet on the word of wisdom and how important it is. you had to be there. it is the way he talks. it was almost hard not to laugh as he repeated over and over how important the word of wisdom is while half drunk. always an adventure in the mission. he does want to change, and we are going to keep working with him. it was just a bit ironic. haha
well, I am out of time. hna little and I are working super hard. we are really trying to put into practice what the area president has asked us to do. I lack faith sometimes, but I try to have faith that if we do what he has asked, we will see miracles. but the thing really is that miracles happen every day in our lives. but sometime we expect them to be bigger so we look them over. but I know that if we pay attention to the mini miracles that happen everyday, our faith in Christ will grow so much.
well, I love you all so much. Amy, I love you tons and you can know that your mom and your family are in my prayers. and lindsay, you are so awesome! thanks soooo much for the package. everything is so perfect and just what I needed. take care. oh and woohoo. general conference this weekend!!! and I get to watch it in english!!!!!
hermana plummer

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