Monday, October 31, 2011

Oct 31, 2011 HaPPy HaLLoWeeN

We even got pictures!!!

Carefully crossing that Nemby River

Hna Little, Plummer (the matchmakers)with their new
 converts -Gloria and Persio...  

Service project with a machete.

New chuchi (fancy) pension.

Subject: Re: Oct 31, 2011

booo happy halloween!!! hola familia, halloween isn't very big here. casi nada. but isidora gave us halloween suckers. just so you know, I expect muchas photos of all those cute nieces and nephews in Halloween costumes. well, this week was better. I am adjusting to everything. I haven’t gotten us lost or anything, and we have some great hopefuls. Ceci is so great. I love her so much. she is teaching me a lot in how to go at the pace of the investigator. hna troecsh and I are doing good. she is struggling a bit in that her body is really tired. she says it aches. I think, oh no. I hope that doesn't happen to me. saturday we moved into our new house. it is soooo chuchi (fancy.) we aren't paying much more than the other one, but it is way nicer. the family next door fixed it up all nice for us. we even have hot water! in the other place. the water was either cold or burning hot, so I usually ended up showering with cold water. and if someone used the microwave while someone was in the shower, the power would go out. so the one in the shower would have to get out, wait in a towel and watch the other run down the way to the power box  and switch it back on. it really wasnt that bad. I was fine there, but pretty funny. president callan wanted something better for the hermanas.
this week I was studying in Ether 12 in the book of mormon. it is so good. I learned a lot. it is amazing how much we can learn from one chapter. anyways, moroni is worried that people will laugh at his weakness in writing, feeling very humble that God commanded him to write anyways. verse 27 talks about how when we realize our weaknesses and humble ourselves before God, he will make these weaknesses strong for them, it says. but the point is that he died with his weakness still. it didn’t become a strength as some would think the verse means. but as we read the words of Moroni, we don’t see his weakness, but we actually feel the power of his words. that is where the promise is fulfilled. his weakness, although seemingly weak to him, is a strength for us who read it. it sure was for me. that is something hna troecsh shared with me that is so true. I never want to accept my weaknesses. I dont want them, but when I humbly  accept them and do what the Lord has asked of me anyways, He will somehow use it to help others and give them strength. I dont know if that made much sense, but it does in my head. you just have to read the chapter. well, my time is up. please pray mucho for Isidora this week that all will go well for her baptism on saturday! I love you all so much. I can't believe it is noviembre. it is getting cold there as is starts to melt me with heat here. love and miss you all tons.
hermana plummer
hi mom and dad, happy halloween! thanks for your emails. the chill pillow is great. I haven’t had a whole lot of need because we have had air conditioning in all of our pensiones, but it is great.  I am still in the process of giving out the bows. they are way cute. the new pension is great.  I took pictures. way chuchi, which is the word they use here for fancy or something like that. there is so much space. the only down side is that it will take some used to adjusting our schedule because it is a bit farther away from the church and stuff. but not too much. I am so glad you are having fun in st george!! how great mom that you could enjoy yourself and play! woohoo. also, can you ask mike his email address. I sent him an email but it didn’t go. I got one of those error emails. also, I just got a package today. thanks mom. I don’t remember what you said is in it, but I am excited! also, mom can you tell stacey wallace that I sent her a letter last week. I sent her a letter way back on july 1st, but a few months later it came back to me. I guess I didn’t have the address right. so I wrote another letter and sent them both to her house address in texas. tell her it is on the way and that she better write me back. well, I love you both so much. I can’t even tell you how much my love and appreciation for you both has grown this past year. and I thought I loved you then. 
your daughter

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