Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb, 20 2012

This was a tough week for Whitney and our family.  Whitney's uncle Doug, Dave's twin brother passed away unexpectedly this past week.  Pres and sister Callan were able to go to Whitney's apartment to share the sad news.  We were given permission to skype with Whitney on Sunday.   We needed this time together to mourn and sort of be together, which was a tender mercy.

hi mom and dad and family. I sit here in the cyber wanting to have something to say to be of support to you all, but at the same time I feel just a bit desperate for the same and to just be with you. it was such a tender mercy of the lord to talk to and see you yesterday mom and dad. on saturday, I never expected to get news of this kind. pres callan first read me the email dad had sent him. we talked for a bit and then pres callan gave me a blessing before they left. I told you I would send a few things hna jones and I wrote down to be of comfort in the coming weeks. he blessed me that I will have the strength that I need to be able to stay focused and that I can also be a strength to my family. he blessed me with the understanding and assurance that doug is happily serving beyond the veil having lived a life of service. he blessed me to find strength in the convenants that I have made. he blessed me with a love for the people here and for my family and that i will seek for and receive guidance from my family. and he Blessed me to know that heavenly father loves me. saturday was a bit hard. I hoped to be able to focus, but it started out pretty rough to focus on the people we were teaching. I know heavenly father needs my whole heart to be here, but it is really hard. But I know with time I will be able to keep focused. there are times like these in which we feel such comfort knowing the plan of salvation, knowing that heavenly father´s plan is perfect and that if we keep our covenants, we can be reunited once again. after my blessing, I was reading in alma 12:28-30. it just happened to be what I was reading. it says that God created his plan long before we came to earth and that it all has a purpose. it talks about the angels sent to adam and eve to reveal the plan of salvation and all of these truths to His children. As I thought about it, I thought about all the angels God has sent into each of our lives to teach us about and help us find strength in God and his plan. It doesnt mean it isn't painful, but I can't even imagine the pain not knowing that we would be together again. Doug was like a second dad to all of us. I know we all feel that way. he loved and served us as his own. I know we are all so forever grateful to have had him in our lives. we will miss him so much. our family has been through a lot, but we are strong because we have each other. I long so much to be there with you all, but I know this will be a time in which I will learn even more to rely on the Lord.
this week we were blessed in many ways. we had some really special experiences in finding and teaching people with such a sincere desire to find their faith and turn to Christ. on saturday we taught N, who I may have talked about last week. we couldn't find her all week this past week, but we finally found her on saturday. we taught about the book for mormon, what it is, and how, what is found in it helps us in our lives. it is amazing how the spirit, if we listen, leads us to know what to say or to ask. the right question at the right time can be what gives them the trust to share with us their worries or doubts. when we invited her to baptism, she began to open up to us and to share all the things that she feels have debilitated her faith, but the desire she has to find it again and to help her sons. her husband died 6 years ago, and she feels so alone. we shared with her alma 7:11-12, which describes the atonement of Christ. she felt like it was talking to her. we left feeling so grateful for the Gospel and the opportunity to share it with those who are searching. well, I have to wrap things up. I love and miss you all so much, and I love with all my heart the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ in all of its fullness. we are so blessed.
hermana plummer
here are a few pictures of the area,  and la familia correa from the ward.

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