Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb 6, 2012

hi mom and dad and family, I couldn't see your videos. I am kind of sad. I will ask if I can watch them. thanks for your emails. well, I haven't read the email from mom yet. I am going to print it. thanks mom for being the first to get our BYU apartment. Don't worry about anything. I know it will all work out just fine. 
happy birthday Mike! I finally remembered a birthday before it is too late. Happy 24th! oh and mom and dad told me that you got accepted to utah state! woohoo. That's so great. 
oh and also, brian and amy, how is the house going? have you started to build yet?  send pictures please! 
as for things in Paraguay, I remember mom that you told me how elder holmgren had been going through a tough time for a bit and that they were walking a lot and reading lots of talks about adversity and stuff. well that is us right now. we have been walking . . . a lot. It has been a rough few weeks. It is definitely a learning experience though. I talked last week about how we have been trying to look for all the blessings every day. that was a challenge for me some days, but we both felt that we needed to keep going at it. that was one of the main focuses of our fast yesterday, help with having an attitude of gratitude. I re-read the talk by pres. Monson the divine gift of gratitude. It was just what I needed. I don't have it with me or I would have written a few quotes, you will just have to read it. it is from the Oct 2010 general conference. He shared an example of during Chirst's ministry, when about 4000 people were traveling with him as he taught. the people were really hungry not having eaten, but the disciples said to Him, how are we going to feed them with so little food. Pres Monson then made a point, are we a bit like them? focusing on what we lack instead of what we have? then Christ gave thanks in prayer, and AFTER is when the miracle we all know happened when they fed the thousands with just a few loaves of bread and fish. I had never thought about it that way before. what a lesson that was for me that of course, we are not going to see miracles if we are not grateful for what we already have been given. also that to feel grateful and not express thanks is like wrapping a present and not giving it. it is important that we give thanks to Father in Heaven, and not routinely, but specifically. I indeed feel very grateful for the important lessons I learn every day, that I know are meant to help me be more like Christ. when I am walking in the hot sun and sweating to death feeling frustrated, I lose sight of the big picture a bit. But if I take a step back and remember the Savior and His perfect example and his perfect sacrifice, it gives me the strength to accept the trial and to learn. After all that happened in the week, or actually what didn't happen, we had a glimpse of light. we had decided to look for an old investigator, and while stopping to ask if they knew the person or the place, the woman said, oh I was baptized in the Mormon church when I was 12. she now is 40 or so. I stopped going when I had about 18 years, but all my family was baptized and my mom still goes. she let us in, and then told us how her husband also had been baptized a long time ago but that they had kind of just fallen away. they have been living in this house for 2 years, and the missionaries had never known. we pass by her house all the time, but had never seen her either. we taught the restoration to her and her 16 year old daughter, who loved it. she said that she wants to come back to church and knows that it is what will fill the emptiness that she often feels, like something is lacking. it was a pure miracle from God. I quickly was sure to pray and give thanks to heavenly father. 
we also had a great lesson with a 19 year old who sincerely wants to follow Christ and to know the truth. nothing brings the spirit more than when one of our investigators, at the end of a lesson, sincerely prays and asks to know if it is true? 
P came to church yesterday, which was a miracle too. he hasn't come in more than a month because of a few problems, but when he walked in, I just felt so happy. well, I love you all soooo much. I know that the trials we have really are meant to help us grow closer and to rely more fully on our Savior, who will always be there to lift us up. 
hermana plummer
I got this from a sweet, college age girl in Paraguay on my FB page, Sunday night.  Melts a mamma's heart.  This is one reason Whitney is in Paraguay.
>> Hi sister, we don't know each other but I know your daugther Hna. Plummer,
>> she is serving at my ward, Nemby.. and I would like to share with you that
>> today your daugther testimony really touched my heart! I felt how the Lord
>> talked to me through her! And bytheway I wanna thank you for preparing her
>> so well to help and love the people here in Paraguay! Muchas gracias
>> hermana!

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