Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012 Miracles in Paraguay

Hi mom, dad, and family,
I got the package mom! it came this morning all safe and sound. thanks so much. I'm sorry the office can't get me a Brazilian visa.  We'll just have to see if we can still see the falls?  did you get your Paraguay visas? I hope it all works out.  I don't even know what people do there at the falls. or how to get there. do people spend a few days there? did you ask sis sargent´s mom what they did? I am not sure when to go to coronel oviedo. we don't need to spend a lot of time there because I don't think the members remember me much. I would like to pass by the area and show you and dad a few things and pass by one or two families, but that is it. I will ask people here what else we can do. thanks for doing the classes. pd bio and physics would be first priority for sure. labs fill up fast too though. you would be surprised. then d & c and shakespeare. I don't remember what student development class I wanted and for what credit, but you can sign up for that one you found, and we will see. it is good to have most classes on tue and thurs so I could have other days to work. I don't remember much how I had my schedule the other years. ha. it is a distant memory. I don't know who to say to add names to what you are going to bring? do you need the names, or can I just give you a number and then decided? hna little still has a few of the skirts. I think she his given a few to people who don't have a skirt. everything sounds great. thanks for thinking of others and wanting to help the people here. one thing we could do is take things to the branch president´s house in coronel oviedo or something. that is where skirts and shirts are more needed. 
as for the work here, we have some awesome investigators right now, but they are the only ones we have. we couldn't find anyone new to teach this week hardly, but M finally came to church. she is so cute! she doesn't understand everything about the restoration and everything, but she feels that it is true. she said that so many missionaries from other churches have come by and nothing really had any effect on her. she didn't feel anything. but when we came it was different. she feels that it is true, and is so excited to be baptized. we cracked up laughing yesterday in the lesson because some drunk who lives a few houses down was saying to her, why are you going with the mormons? and stuff like that. he said the mormons are the worst. she said, before I realized it I said, ¨no you are the worst¨. it was so funny because she is the sweetest, soft spoken little lady. we got a laugh out of that one. we also had an awesome lesson with a family that lives one street from us. we contacted them and made an appt to pass by in a few days. but when we got to the appt. their futbol club was playing, so we fixed another appt. this time we took our ward mission leader with us who is a returned missionary. it was the best to have him there. the investigators are so much more relaxed when there is another one like them there. another paraguayo. the mom is a bit more interested than the dad, but she loved it. we passed by 2 days later and she said all excited that she has been reading in the book of mormon. also, turns out that the dad knows the bishop really well and just happened to run into him. the next visit we are going to have in the bishop´s house. pray for them! they are so golden. I hope they keep progressing. that was our miracle of the week. well, I have to go back out into the rain. all the streets are flooded and my shoes and skirt are wet. oh well. it is all worth it. 
hermana plummer

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