Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 16, 2011

hola familia, hope you are all doing well. thanks for your letter lindsay. I got it last tuesday and was so excited to read it in the collectivo after our meeting where we get mail. give leilani a big hig from aunt whitney! I love all the pictures I get from my nieces and nephews. 
This week was mothers day and their independence days. yes days. they have two days of independence here. I was told it is because the battle ended in the madrugada or in the middle of the night, early morning. it is kind of ridiculous how many holidays they have here. every excuse to not work they take advantage of. so we sang their national anthem in sacrament meeting yesterday. it used really chuchi words that I dont know, so I didn't understand a lot. but it was really cool. 
This week was really rough. I cant lie. I have never been so emotionally exhausted and cried more this past week than I have my whole mission. R's little daughter passed away and it was a very hard week. Everything is ok now, after a rollercoaster ride.  We pray he can find peace and continue gaining a strong testimony of the gospel.
carlos didnt show up at his baptism on saturday. his mom changed her mind at the last minute. the font all filled and everything. but he just never showed. we called a family that lives near by to run over to his house to see what was up. they said that they were leaving out of town to visit his moms family. we knew it wasnt true, so we passed by the next day to talk to his mom. It is not that she doesn't like the church, but more that she is just a mom who wants the best for her children. as his mom, she sees in him a few things that we don't. she recognizes that he needs to prepare himself more to understand how he needs to act if he is going to make a decision like baptism. We don't doubt that Carlos knows that the chruch is true. He knows it is true and really wants to be baptized, but he needs to learn more about Christ, and how he needs to act like Christ in his behavior in the home. I feel a bit blind for not recognizing this before, but I know it is a blessing in disguise that she changed her mind. she is a single mom, with 4 chidren, who is trying to make ends meet. Carlos has to work to pay for his school and is only 14 years old. I know it is so hard for her to not be around hardly at all to be there for her kids and to protect them, but she is working 2 jobs just to try and pay the bills. Just started tearing up talking to us, and she told us how grateful she is that we are teaching carlos and for loving him. it was a really special moment. So, for now, he won't be baptized, but I know in a month or 2 it will happen, and maybe with the whole family. It was a bummer, but I know it is for the best. well, I have gone over my time, but that is what has been going on. there are so many miracles that we see everyday despite the difictulties, like how we found such a golden truth seeker that we are really excited to teach, and one of our investigators accepted a a baptismal invitation after such an awesome lesson on faith. well, I love you all so much. I know with all my heart that Chirst lives, that he is our savior and redeemer, and that heavenly father knows each and every one of his children. 
hermana plummer

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