Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011

A friend of ours from GA, Kameron Allphin is going to the same mission as Whitney!!!  Amazing!!

Hola Familia!  this week was very busy, but also a week of blessings much needed. we were running around trying to make up for missing a day because we had zone conference on Thursday, which was so amazing. we were going to have more time on Thursday after the conference, but hna Knapp and I always have adventures with the collectivos. we have gotten lost so many times, but the Lord always gets us to our destination in safety. I learned so much during the conference. i think I was a bit more prepared spiritually because I was so much more rejuvenated than the last one. the last one was great too, but I just really had a special experience this time. the theme was  ¨lovest thou me more than these?¨ what Christ said to Peter in the last chapter of John. we watched a video of a talk that Elder Holland gave in the mtc in January. so hna Knapp had already seen it, but it was my first time. Elder Holland is so powerful. wow. he talked about how after the death of Christ, Peter and the apostles didn't know what to do. So they decided to go fishing like they always did before. after a whole night of not catching anything, there was a man on the shore who told them to try the other side of the boat. so they did and couldn't pull in the nets because it was so full. One of them said, ¨It is Him¨. Peter saw and jumped into the water immediately when he Realized it was Christ. Christ had fixed them breakfast and then had a little chat with Peter. and asks him 3 times, do you love me more than these? and every time Peter says of course, you know I do. and Christ says, then feed my sheep. I invite everyone to read this again. it is really powerful. Elder Holland spoke about how when He told them to leave their nets, He meant forever. This applies to the mission so much. When we received this call, we promised to leave our nets and follow Christ, why? because we love Him. There is so much more, and was such a powerful message. 
The rest of the week we have been trying to work with the members. it is always a challenge for some reason, but at the same time is sooooo important. we also had some really great lessons. so many people on the verge of really progressing. like la familia Encina. they are so great. we have been teaching them for a while now, but there is always so much time in-between visits, making it hard to keep up their energy to read the Book of Mormon and pray. But they were finally going to come to church on Sunday when their car wouldn't start or something, and couldn't come. i don't really know what happened. they were late, so hna Knapp called but couldn't understand anything, she was talking really fast. haha. we hate talking on the phone because it is so much harder to understand. they ended up not coming, which was a bummer, but 3 did come! the only thing better than seeing investigators in church is seeing one in the baptismal font. one chica really wants to be baptized, but her grandma, who has custody of her, wont let her because she wants her to got to her church. we are praying so hard and for a miracle. she was going to be baptized almost a year ago when hna Sargent was here, but like the day before, her grandma said no. I know it will happen soon though. 
speaking of hna Sargent, it was such a feeling of home to see her and her family yesterday. yes we had lunch with them and I got a big mom hug. so great to finally meet them. her sister reminds me exactly of Mollie. way tall with blonde hair. I was like Mollie visited me in Paraguay. loved it.
well mom, your Spanish through google translation is a bit weird, but I think they will understand you. send a note to hna Lozano from me that i hope she is doing great with life after the mission, but that we miss her here in Paraguay too. 
no we didn't go to the celebration, it wasn't in our area and we cant leave. hna Knapp was already in Leopardi when i got here. she had just finished her first change with her trainer hna Steadman. so this is her first area, and I am her second companion. oh and tell Kameron Allphin he is going to love his mission!!!! so awesome he got his call to the Paraguay Asuncion Mission!!!!  well, I got to go. mom I'm not sure I got the pictures of Zade.   hope you all are doing well. I guess it is finally getting warm there? it is still hot here. ha. love and miss you all tons and tons! oh and mom, thank you soooo much for the package. i got it on Thursday. so great. I will have to bake the cake for the next baptism. love you all. 
hermana plummer

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