Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct 10, 2011 And the Mish continues...

Haha... I don't have to send peanut butter any more.  Whitney found a better replacement.  

hola familia, this week was sooooo hot. I got burned one day. but then we had a tormenta. a huge storm one night. our power went out. well that isn't such a surprise where we live. if someone uses the microwave while someone is in the shower, the power goes out and one has to wait at the door in her towel while the other runs down to the power box to switch it back on. it happens a few times a week. anyways, in the middle of the night I woke up way hot because the air of course went out too. and the rain seemed like it was going to break down the ceiling. then I realized that I had to use the bathroom way bad, but the lights were out. we have to go down stairs to go to the bathroom. the apt has two stories. knowing me, of course I was scared, so I made hna little come with me with the cellular for light. she was laughing at me. it was a night with little sleep. haha. 
all in all this was a good week. we progressed in a few areas, and percio is doing so good. he talked with his family, and his mom agreed to come support him at his baptism. at first his dad wasn't very supportive since they are all catholic of course, but he said that his brother who lives with them, who never says anything about anything spoke up and told them to support him in his decision because he is changing so much and so much happier. what a miracle.  it really is a miracle how he has changed his life. he realized that he has lost a lot of opportunities because of his addiction to alcohol, and he is ready to make the changes. actually, he approached hna little and hna quartino a few days before I got here and said that he had a Book of Mormon and wanted to meet with us. when I got here he had this very old Book of Mormon that he had marked a passage that he has read and re read over the years that he found when he really needed help. it was so awesome. 
we are also way excited that a recent convert's mom finally accepted a baptismal date for nov. 5. she always said no because she can't comply with all the commandments, but says she is ready now. the recent convert of almost a year is Tati. she is so awesome. she wants to go on a mission and comes with us in lessons a lot. her mom is Isidora. she is like our mom. I love her so much. she came to church yesterday!!! woohoo. please pray for her and percio this week. oh by the way, I finished my peanut butter that you sent mom, so I bought it here. they have it but I heard it was weird and that it was expensive. but I bought it because I can't live without peanut butter. it is soooo good. it is different because it is sweeter. you don't even need honey or anything. so that is my new thing. I will bring some home with me. along with dulce de leche. oh, it is the best. they eat it with almost everything here. that for sure I will bring back too. it is kind of like caramel, but way better. anyways, I am out of time. I love you all so much!!!!! one thing I learned this week in my studies is that heavenly father answers our prayers way more than we realized and in ways we look over sometimes. He is so mindful of everything in our lives. of every one of us. how incredible. heavenly father answers my prayers for you all everyday- you are safe and sound. love you tons!!!!!!
hermana plummer
yay dad!! I am so glad you had fun playing tennis in the senior games. 
how awesome the sister missionaries bore their testimonies at your St George branch. it is so true. I cant even describe how much one's perspective changes in the mission. I feel like heavenly father blesses us with forgetting things of our past lives to help us focus on preaching the gospel. even if I tried, I don't think I could remember any of the words to music I listened to before. haha. 
I did just hear a car radio playing Selena, you should go listen to it.
Yes, we encounter a lot of pèople who think that we are a cult or something. that we worship Joseph Smith. the other day a woman told us that we worship Joseph Smith and we said that really we actually don't worship him at all, and she said. ha of course you do. 
some think we just want their money. they say all sorts of crazy things. but it is so true, if anyone were to listen to the brethren, they would realize they are very mistaken. how grateful I am to know the truth. well, I love you so much dad. have fun with golf this week!! next year I will be there to cheer you on.
no right now we arent teaching any lessons of some sort - piano or English. we are a lot farther from church in this area, and we haven't organized anything. maybe soon we can try out an english class again. summer will start soon, and people will be more free I think. we have lunch appointments here, but they fall through a lot. they aren't as sure here. there is one sister who we eat with on sundays. familia gomez. she is great. even when they can´t eat with us, they give us food to eat at our place. oh and, can you send me my pin number again? I forgot it again and need to buy something. by the way. you asked me what american banks are in paraguay? we have a western union here in ñemby. so maybe they can use that. oh and ya. I got a letter from kate!! I was so excited. she sent a picture too. she is loving her mission, and I am going to write her back today. love you tons and tons!!
your daughter

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