Monday, October 24, 2011

Oct 24, 2011

hola familia, I don't think I have time to write to just mom and dad this week too, sorry mom and dad. I ran out of time reading a few things. thanks for your letters. I am glad you were able to get everything sorted out in the flooded basement. how great you had stake conf! la obra misional is always an important subject and of course connects in every way with putting aside material things and serving.
news of the week. I have a new companion. I was shocked that hna little left me. she went to barrio lambare. you can look on the map. should be able to find it. hna lavaka went to leopardi with hna ramos. I got a letter last tuesday from christian and a picture of his baptism. We heard he received the priesthood!!! also, of course when I left they found another chica that was super prepared and was baptized in 2 weeks. also, hna ramos told me that a family that we had been working with for a while but didn't seem to be progressing much started progressing and are coming to church! also, a family that we found the week before I left were going to be baptized. i was so excited to hear of so many miracles that were happening there.
I am still kind of missing hna little, we got along so great. we both wanted to work hard and put into practice what our leaders told us to do. my new companion is hna trosch from panama. in the pictures, she is the really short, dark one. she is shorter than me if that is possible. this is her last change in the mission, so after her I will get a new companion again. she is really great.  I was reading in preach my gospel this week about praying with faith. i learned a lot. I feel like improving my prayers will be something to help me trust in Heavenly Father more and also know when I can just accept myself for who I am. prayer can be so powerful.
also, just to let you know. hna little and I are match makers. we already knew it, but gloria and persio (who will get the priesthood this sunday by the way woohoo) ¨like each other¨. it is so funny. she just says. I dont know what happened. it just happened. it was so hard not to laugh as she told me so seriously. I will have to come back for their temple wedding in a year. haha.  (The hermanas found Syliva and Persio separately, who both got baptized.. fun story)
isidora is doing good. she is still good with her baptismal date for the 5th of nov. so many elders and hermanas worked with her, but she just wasn't ready. her daughter tati is so excited, as are we. please keep her in your prayers!!
I can't think about you all too much or I get distracted, but a lot of things were reminding me of my great family this week. I just want you all to know how much I love you all. hna trosch said that one of her teachers in the mtc said that a lot of them might have temptations to go home to help their family or something. or many doubt about going on missions because they feel like they need to stay and help their families, but her teachers said, the best help we can do for our families is to serve the Lord. he can do way more for our families than we can. I am here also for you all, because I know He will bless your lives more than I could. maybe the miracles won't come immediately, but they will come.
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