Monday, October 17, 2011

Oct 17, 2011 Hna Little the Guardian Angel

Baptism for Percio

Great ward support

Very happy for Percio!!!

Looks like Hna Little comes to Whitney's rescue again.  She must be Whitney’s guardian angel.

hola familia, how are you? this week was pretty good. we found some really golden investigator jovencitas. they are so great. I am excited to meet with them again. also, we ran into susana yesterday after church. remember susana that we were visiting. well, she had told us she wanted to stay with the catholic church for now, but yesterday told us that she wanted us to come back and visit her. when we were visiting her I know she felt the spirit, and during that time also found a good job, a ton of blessing were pouring in. but seems like she doesn't have that job anymore. I don't know. maybe she realized that the spirit she felt when she read in the book of mormon and prayed had left. she is so great, and I love her so much. it broke my heart when she didn't want to meet with us anymore. but I know one day she will be baptized. I hope it is sooner than later! P was baptized and confirmed this weekend. he is such a changed man. he is 43 years old. the day of his bapism, he showed up with his hair cut and a white shirt and tie. he looks like a totally different person. he wanted to be the new person in every way possible. he had a lot of opposition the few days before his baptism. he had the support of his family. his mom came to the baptism. but a lot of friends calling him saying awful things about him and the church and how could he change his religion. but he stood so firm and said, this is my decision and I know it is right. I am so happy for him. Isdora came to church for the third time in a row yesterday. she is so great. I just love these people so much. I can't even explain it. you just love them and want so much that they are happy. so many missionaries have worked with isidora. a ton. but all of a sudden she wants to be baptized. we are working so hard to do our part to help her be ready for her baptism  nov 5.
on another note. remember the stream we crossed? we do it all the time, but this week it rained almost every day. so when we went, it was a bit more difficult. the way over was all good. hna little got her shoes really muddy, but that is just because she doesn't know how to dodge the mud like i do. haha. but on the way back. ha. we started across the stream, which appears to the mid calf, but little did I know if was going to turn into quick sand. all of sudden, when i stepped, my foot sunk up to past my knees. so I tried to step again and that foot sunk too. so hna little turned around to help me and when she did that, her flip flop when running down the stream. so she hurried and pulled me out, which left my flip flop under a foot of sand while she ran down stream for her flip flop. as she ran, it was like all quick sand. so I sat there trying to find my flip flop laughing hysterically as she kept falling  running after her flip flop. there aren't rocks or anything, just trash and sand. it was so funny. then we finally made it to the edge one flip flop less sadly. then as we were putting on our socks and shoes, a group of jovenes  (young boys) came with their sling shots and said, pistola (pistol). so I dropped a sock too that disappeared into thin air. they were joking. actually really nice, and we just all laughed. so the story why we were all wet without any socks is that we almost died in a rushing river that we have to cross when a band of robbers came with pistols. haha. anyways. always an adventure. I love you all so much. I am so blessed to be here and be a part of this amazing work. I hope you all know how much I love you. until next week.
hermana plummer

On Mon, Oct 17, 2011 at 11:37 AM, Whitney Plummer <> wrote:

dad and mom,   dad what a blessing you decided to go back home. I am sorry I am not there to help with the flooded basement. even though things happen, Heavenly Father always answers our prayers that he will protect us and our homes. we talked about the gift of the holy ghost in our gospel principles class yesterday, which was perfect for persio, since he was confirmed in sacrament meeting right after. I have a strong testimony of the gift of the holy ghost and that he guides us and directs us. yesterday the elders were teaching the lesson, and he mentioned about how many are trying to follow God in their lives, but after being baptized and receiving the gift of the holy ghost, Heavenly Father will guide our lives instead of us. what a blessing.  I hope the wedding was great! tell them I said hi, and if mike is climbing any cool mountains that I would love some cool pictures!
thanks for checking on all that mom. I think it is because I am not getting many nutrients. I am not depressed by any means. quite the opposite, but there is a lot of stress without a whole lot of good food. but I am trying to eat veggies when I can. my complexion is fine. I was feeling a bit more tired than usual these past weeks, but I think it was just the change of weather to a lot of heat and my body was trying to get used to the days being a bit more strenuous. no I havent gotten any scripture covers yet. I think there is some one I can ask, I just have to remember to do it. yes I need face wash and bug spray. I dont know elder clark. persio is 43 years old and christian 17 years old. oh and hna little´s mom is going to send you a blog message from the elder in the mission office who found our new house and his experience with that. hna little´s boyfriend found it and sent it to her.
thanks for everything. love you both sooooo much.
your daughter

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