Monday, January 23, 2012

District in Nemby

hola familia, hope you all are doing well. I think I sweated my body weight this week, but other than that things are good. V was baptized and confirmed this weekend! before the baptism hna jones and I were way stressed because they were supposed to be there at 6:30 and didn't get there until 7:30, but it all turned out well and was super spiritual. hna jones and I sang I like to look for rainbows from the primary. V is so funny. you have no idea. he and his mom are so funny together. every time we teach them, we try not to laugh so much. he was really excited, and the hno that baptized him gave him a white shirt and tie too. it was really nice of him. a miracle of this week was S. remember S that was an investigator of hna little and me and then we saw her again, but could never find her in her house. then the other day we saw her again, and she said that she wants to prepare to be baptized. we are pretty excited about her. she is so great. 
we had interviews with pres callan on wednesday. he told me that I can stop worrying so much because I can know that my mission president is happy with what I am doing. that kind of made me feel more tranquila. sometimes I just need to take a breath and remember that heavenly father knows we aren’t perfect and that he doesn’t expect us to be perfect. something that I kind of realized this week is that sometimes it is hard to forgive ourselves because we look at our mistakes through our eyes, through the eyes of someone who isn’t perfect and who doesn’t quite have mastered the pure love of Christ, charity. for that reason, we don’t quite understand how it is that Christ, with his pure love and infinite patience, can forgive us and forget what we did wrong. to be able to apply more fully the atonement in our lives, we need to develop more charity, more of the pure love of Christ for others and also for ourselves. how do we do it? not easily. moroni says that we have to pray with all the energy of our hearts to obtain it. this was something very special that the spirit taught me, but that I feel that others need too. we all are in progress of learning how the atonement works to cleanse us. 
we went to the hogar de niños again this week. a bunch really wanted to come to church, but their leader person said that they can’t come. we were a bit bummed out, but we plan to visit once a week. it is really fun. definitely one of the highlights of my week. the next time I will take some pìctures. I have pictures to send, but we had to use a different cyber this week, and I can’t do it here. we took a picture last night of us soaked from head to toe. sure enough, right as we were walking home at night, it started to rain, harder and harder. we ran home, but still were completely soaked. but it was refreshing. well, I am out of time.  I love you and miss you all so much. mike, I am still waiting for my letter that you started in august. hint. 
hermana plummer

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