Monday, January 16, 2012

Jan 16, 2012

hola familia, firstly, I have to wish my niece a happy late birthday. Happy Birthday Leilani!!! I always remember birthdays right after leaving the cyber and have to wait until the next week. david and lindsay, please give her a big hug and kiss from aunt whitney. well, I hope you all are doing well, this week we got a bit of a break from the heat because it rained. and I mean it rained. we left the house, and it began to pour. I always have the greatest stories of how fun missions are in paraguay. we were trying to avoid the river in the street by climbing some hill. then the zone leaders called. so I was trying to talk to them and climb this hill, and then I saw a bus coming, so I was trying to back up to avoid the wave of water that would hit me if I didnt get out of the way. but as I tried to back up, I realized that the bus driver was laughing as he pulled closer and closer to where we were. yup to intentionally splash us. but the best part was that because of all this, ya I fell in the mud. I am sure everyone in the collectivo (bus) had a kick out of that. it was pretty funny. I was so muddy, but hna jones used her water to clean off all the mud. I was basically wet all day long. great fun. on another note, we found 3 families this week! I was pretty excited. we are praying every day to find a family that is prepared to be baptized. i know we will find one. or maybe we already found them.
please pray for V this week. he attended a baptismal service of the elders on saturday and is excited for his baptism this saturday. he and his mom have been going through some rough stuff lately, but I know that they can get through it all. we found out that he was married before, but that his wife had died. his mom has talked to him about the temples, and he has a strong desire to be able to go so he can be sealed to her for eternity.
yesterday we had a super awesome experience. a few weeks ago a woman told us about a home for children. it isn't an orphanage, but where they take in children who i guess for whatever reason need a home. so yesterday we went. turns out there are about 15 boys who live there, and there are señoras who take turns managing things. so we came, and they were all really excited to participate. there are a few that are special needs too, and as they were so loving and welcoming to us, I felt how brian must feel so privileged to be around them every day. they have such pure hearts. there was one who doesn't really talk, but just ran up to us and gave us the biggest hug, and i was just so happy. turns out also that 2 of the boys are members. I don't know what happened in their lives to bring them to this home, but they were so excited to get a book of mormon. most of them don't know how to read, but we mostly talked about Christ and his love for them and a bit about the book of mormon. it was the highlight of my week. I feel the love heavenly father has for his children, and I can't even describe what a privilege it is to be in his hands, to dedicate this time to nothing but that. to bring his children to the truth and to his love. well, that is all for today. my two stories for the week. I love and miss you all tons and tons.
hermana plummer

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