Monday, January 2, 2012

Jan 2, 2012 Feliz Año Nuevo

Feliz Navidad in Nemby

Christmas Dinner

hola familia, thanks nic for the pictures of your visit. they are loading right now so I can see them. I love seeing your faces. pictures are the best! more please!! well, I am thinking of what to tell you all from the happenings of this week. I get confused if i have already told certain things in my emails or if I only wrote them in my journal. sorry if there are repetitions. well, it is official that anyone here who asks my first name just looks at me weird after I say it. we were looking for a former investigator and knocked a door of a family, who let us in. we came in with plans to teach them of course, but they had other plans. the minute we sit down they just start talking and talking and bringing out pan dulce and leche (pan dulce is i guess sweet bread that they typically eat at christmas and new years.) they all love it, but i am not sure why. the bread is fine, but it has these dried fruits in it. kind of awful. hna jones cannot eat it. I tried to stop from laughing as she tried to hide that she was putting it in her backpack while the señora was trying to teach her guarani. we did our best to leave, but basically we walked away laughing. the people of paraguay are so generous. jaja. 
we worked really hard this week. hna jones and I have been working on teaching with more unity this week. i love it. we did a special fast on tuesday to help us have more faith and meet the new goals president callan has set for this new year and also to help us have more unity and have the spirit more when we teach and stuff. we are beginning to receive answers to our prayers, and I am so grateful. we also have been teaching alot of children. I feel like they teach me more than we teach them. they have such pure hearts. we are teaching a señora antonia. she is hard to find, but we are teaching her 3 kids that have 8,9, and 11 años. the son with 11 years said that he knows that the church is true because right after we left the other day, he went and prayed and felt the spirit whisper to him. I don't know how to describe what he said, but it was so precious. there is nothing more precious than hearing children pray. 
I have a few pictures to send, but I don't have my camera right now. we have another stream that we have to cross, and every time it is another experience. other missions just aren't quite as fun as paraguay. we all get here at first, we freak out a bit with all the bugs and dirt, but after a while, it is just normal. always something interesting. well, I have to get going. oh mom and dad, an elder told me that the eclesiastical endorsement for byu is due this month or something? I think you might have to get on that stuff coming pretty soon. could you look into that? well I love you all so much. I truly know and feel that this is the Lords work and that His hand is in it every moment we let Him. what a blessing to be here. I have to live it up! love you all so much!
hermana plummer
hi mom and dad, to answer your questions,
1. How do the Paraguayos celebrate New Years?
they set off a lot of fireworks and everyone goes to the interior to visit family. not too different than in the usa.
2. Do you change church schedules? 
we didn't change ward times, we just changed the schedule to sacrament first.  this year starts at 8 30.
3. yes, for Margaret's bridesmaid dress I will try and find some way to know my measurements. my jeans fit fine. maybe I can weigh myself in the store to get an idea. tell her I felt badly I couldn't talk to her on skype, but that I sent 2 letters. ask her if she got them? I will send another soon!  (Whitney was skyping with us and her best friend Margaret, whom she'll be a bridesmaid in Hawaii this summer, tried to beep in.  Whitney felt horrible but was following the rules.)
4.Who are your zone leaders and district leaders?
my zone leaders are elder boydston from idaho I think and elder ponce from honduras. district leader elder avendaño from mexico I think
5. The Canete familia came to visit on Christmas? 
yes hna cañete, david, vera, and silivia came on Christmas right before I called you. it was such a sweet gesture.
6. Your hair is so long.  
yes my hair is way long. hna ramos cut it once but I need it again. 
also mom, I didn't tell you last week how much I appreciated your gifts for the members and the Christmas stuff. it was so amazing.
hna p

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