Monday, January 30, 2012

Jan 30, 2012

Baptism for V
Ward supporting baptism
Recent convert C and her grandchildren
Caught in a rain downpour

hi mom and dad and family, thanks for your emails. I am glad you had a nice sabbath. I wish I could say my sabbath was super great, but this week was challenging. I always feel such a relief after church, but we just really struggled finding anyone to teach this week. we had a few let downs with investigators we were so sure were golden. these past few weeks have been a challenge, but perhaps heavenly father is trying to teach me to be more grateful. we are trying to help each other be more positive and point out the small miracles to not get discouraged. that is an important lesson. we read again the talk from the conference “It is better to look up.”  it is a great reminder to not feel heavy laden, but to look up with hope and faith in God. Dad you asked me if there are things that remind me of my childhood. I actually have a lot of songs I listen to on my ipod that do just that. remind me of the days when you would put church music on the intercom on sunday mornings. like consider the lilies and a few others. they are special songs to me. mom, i was thinking last week, and I feel like it is best to not talk about after the mission. it is better for me to trust that the spirit will lead you to find the right place at byu. kate said it all. she knows alot more than me about that kind of stuff. haha. I can just imagine her saying it all. everything sounds great. thanks also for the package you sent. I am way excited. I still have on my night stand the card you made from last valentines day. but i think i lost a few letters.  i shower every night and every morning. there is no way i could sleep without showering. I think for that reason our water bill was a bit high. oops.
well, like I said, this week was a bit rough, but we managed to have some great lessons. we are teaching a woman who has the cutest little baby. her baby has been really sick. in and out of the hospital for the past 3 months and only has nine months. the little baby is doing alot better, so she is in her house more, so we can teach her more. she always says how she feels such an alivio when we teach her, so relaxed. she has been going through a lot lately, and the restored gospel of jesus christ is like a breath of fresh air when we are feeling burdened. we don’t have a bunch of people right now, but that is only temporary. but yes, mom, it would be so great if you could say some prayers for salvador aquino. he is really discouraged about a few things in his personal life that impede him from being baptized. he is reading a bunch in the book of mormon, but has doubts and difficulites that are hard to find. he is a huge iceberg. the surface is only the beginning.
one thing we have been trying to do this week is even when we are walking back to the house hungry and without many lessons, we each have to say 5 or 10 blessing that we received that day. it really makes a difference in how we finish the day and start the next. being here in paraguay will make any one of us realize just how blessed we are. we meet new people every day, each with a different story. i feel so blessed to be able to bring to them just what will give them the hope they so desperately need. many times they don’t quite realize, because of a few factors, that what we have is what they need, but nonetheless, we have it and have to share it.
I am sending a few pictures. one is of us with cesi and her grandkids, the baptism of vicente, and us after we got caught in the rain. totally soaked. by the way, I am not sure how, but all the members keep saying, oh we were looking at pictures of you on facebook. pictures that I never sent. hna bracho is funny. I lent her my camara for something, and next thing I know, they are all looking at my pictures with the elders of the ward when they ate lunch with them. haha. my mission is an open book now. enjoy. they moved to another barrio, and we miss them a lot. well, I have to go. time up. love you all sooooo much.
hermana plummer

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