Monday, January 9, 2012

District 1 Zone 3 Nemby with investigator
Hna P and convert

District Christmas Activity

Jan 9,  2012

hola familia, how are you?  I kind of realized last week that I didn’t even wish you a happy new year in my email. I really can’t believe it is 2012 already. it seems like just yesterday I graduated from high school, but that was almost 4 years ago, and here I am in parguay. 4 years ago I never thought this was in the plans for me, but will be eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father for making it part of His plans for me. who knows what 2012 will bring for our family. so many posibilities. I hope you all passed the new year well. at this time of year, everyone is always making goals and new years resolutions I guess. I was never one to do much of that only because I knew that I wouldn’t stick to it. ha. just being realistic. but i guess since the mission is all about setting goals, that will change from now on. i actually have a desire to do it and to stick to it. for me right now, my goals are focused on what I am doing here, but is something very important to carry with me the rest of my life. and that goal is being in tune with the spirit. I was reading the general conference issue of the liahona yesterday about teaching according to the spirit by elder richardson, I think. it talks about how we shouldn’t try to teach by winging it and saying we are going through the spirit. But having the spirit is so vitally important in missionary work. it says in doctrine and covenants that if we don’t have the spirit we don’t teach. I can’t do anything if I don't have the spirit. but he, of course applies this to the family too. parents teaching their children etc.. it is so awesome. recently I have really realized how I have changed in that I don’t have any desire to do anything that could offend the spirit because I realize how desperately I need Him. I still need to have a goal more concrete, but that is a focus I have for the rest of my mission and to carry it into life after also.
a miracle that happened this week was on tuesday. an old investigator, C, that was so great had to leave her house because of family problems. I thought I would never see her again. but as we were leaving our district meeting on tuesday, she showed up at the church and said that she had returned home and wants to be baptized. what a miracle. she has really been throught alot. and I mean a lot. she has such a sincere desire to change her life and follow Christ. i am so excited for her. she has a few challenges in her path, but I know with faith and prayer she will be able to overcome them. also, S is reading a ton in the book of mormon. he is such a testimony of how the book of mormon changes our hearts. he sends us texts of the scriptures that he likes the most and came to church yesterday. he got there before us. I love the book of mormon so much and really is the key to everything.
on another note. we found the biggest scorpion under my bed the other day. but I handled it with calmness. after having to kill so many bugs, it doesn’t even phase me. Ummm, that is a lie, but it is less than before. (Mom and dad remember hearing a scream from Whitney's bedroom, while living in Georgia.  A scorpion had fallen into her bed from the ceiling.  Sounds like she handled this scorpion a bit better.) well, I have to go. i love you all so much. pray that we don’t scare people away with how dirty and sweaty we are every day. that would be great.
hermana plummer

que los cumplas feliz      Happy Birthday to you
que los cumplas feliz      Happy Birthday to you
en tu dia dichoso            in your day happy       (Google translate doesn't always work)
que los cumplas feliz      Happy Birthday to you

hi mom and dad, MOM I can't believe I didn't wish you a happy birthday last monday. when we were in the store afterwards I realized that your birthday was going to already have passed by, by today. sorry, but I want you to know how much I love you and that I thought of you cumpliendo años (fulfilling years) on your birthday.
dad, we had the same lesson in relief society on sunday. it was way great. so true!
sounds like all should be well with my ecclesiastical endorsement since I deferred properly my scholarship. right? 

1.   no I don’t have a guarani name tag, but i want to buy one before I leave.
2.   sorry I havent sent pictures, I was receiving so many!! woo. but looks like hna bracho sent some to you. haha
3.   tell hna lozano that I say hi too.
4.   the name of the single lady and her children are...... and.......... thanks bunches for putting them on the temple prayer roll and for praying for them.

5.  I bought a measuring tape to get my measurements for the bridesmaid dress, but forgot to get measurements.  I'll make sure I do it for next week.
love you so much. please pray that I can stay focused until the end and love love love the next 4 and a half months.
your daughter

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